Face the Fear: Quit Your Job and Start a Business

Many people dream of overcoming the fear of quitting their job and starting their own successful business, which will allow them to realize their potential and bring in a lot of income. However, only a few passes from thoughts to actions. Are you afraid to start your own business? First, answer the question “why?” Often a person who decides to establish a business thinks as follows: I will be my own leader, I will be responsible for everything myself, I will be free. Sometimes it is a way of self-realization, and sometimes it is a global decision to change this world. Here are some practical tips from the experts.

Start of the project

The main thing is to have a cash cushion. Calculate your expenses for the essentials so that you always have this amount, and make a decision based on this. If your income in the first year does not pay off your expenses and you squeeze yourself, infringe, then your fuse, energy, and enthusiasm will not be enough for a long time. So consider your options and come up with a Plan B. Focus on what you have. There will always be doubts and there will always be something missing. Accept it, but don’t focus. Keep the focus on strengths. What is your business about? Who is it for? About whom? What will your business bring to this world? Why this particular case and why do you want to implement it?

There is a Walt Disney technique in NLP; it helps a lot to look at the project from different points of view and different angles. Dreamer, realist, and critic. These characters enter the stage, or rather, it’s all of you rolled into one, but you just move around the roles, and each, from his point of view, says what he thinks about the project. This technique is very helpful to see the strengths and weaknesses at the beginning of the project and any other stage of the process. Establish a constructive dialogue between the participants.

First fears

In this process, you may also encounter fears. What if I don’t succeed? And what will relatives, friends, acquaintances say? You can face both conscious fears and unconscious ones. One such fear is the fear of success. It would seem what could be wrong with success? But there are many hidden reasons. One of them is the fear of being alone. Therefore, it is better to analyze these points with experienced coaches.

Then tell a few people about your idea and see how they react. If you were able to impress at least one person with your project, this is a good sign. If not, then find something in your idea that lights other people. You may need a partner. From the very beginning, understand what partnership means to you. Ask yourself and your partner a question: what is each of you ready to invest in the project and how comfortable and interesting is it for each participant?


Having dealt with motivation, deal with resources. You will need money, time, connections, energy, knowledge, and experience. Set a big goal while remembering the art of small steps. Break down the achievement of goals into stages: goals for the day, for the week, for the month, six months, and year. Appreciate every step you take on the path to your dream. Since there is a danger of not considering the value of everyday routine, it may seem that everything is in vain and nothing comes out, and your routine does not bring you closer to the goal. This is a normal process.

Write down what you can do now to achieve the global goal. Write down the daily tasks that bring you closer to your dream right now in your workplace. This will shorten the distance between your daily activities and your big task.

Register Your Business

Registered entrepreneurial activity is a profitable form of doing business and your legal status. If you’re not entirely sure how to start a company, you can get help from company formation services to guide you through the process, so no one can hold you accountable for illegal business activities. You don’t have to hide income and worry that the bank will block the account, doubting the legitimacy of payments.

Final Words

Starting your own business comes with a lot of stress and new challenges simultaneously, and this is exactly what you need to change your routine life. Do you know how to solve problems and you are the person who takes responsibility for solving a particular problem? In this case, forget about your fears and follow your dream.