Learn More About the Steps Needed to Get Your Real Estate License in Florida.

It’s easier than you may think to get your real estate license in Florida. Having a license to sell real estate in Florida opens many doors. There are multiple career paths you can choose, or you may opt to just sell real estate in the beautiful sunshine state. The Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that many licensed real estate professionals made well over $100k in 2020 which can be a very comfortable living.

The best part is that this promising career path gets you out of the typical rat race during the work week. You get to work with different clients and manage your own schedule, depending on your specialty.

The Florida real estate license requirements are not super stringent, and you don’t even have to be a resident of the state.

Florida Real Estate License Requirements

Believe it or not, you can be starting your new life on a better career path in less than three short months without paying thousands of dollars to earn a degree. There are really just four simple steps involved in the Florida real estate license requirements. You just work the course, get your fingerprints taken, submit your application, and then pass the state exam. Florida is actually one of the easier states to get a real estate license. It takes an average of just ten weeks from start to finish for most people.

Prerequisites and Continuing Education

As earlier stated, Florida is one of the more lenient states for real estate professionals. You may choose to go into development, get your realtor’s license, or become a broker. There are multiple career options for people who hold a Florida real estate license. The only prerequisites for the Florida real estate license requirements are to hold some sort of state issued identification, from any state, and you must hold a high school diploma or GED equivalency certificate. Florida then requires fourteen hours of Brokers and Sales license continuing education every two years.

Getting the Process Started

To get started on the Florida real estate license requirements you only must take the pre-licensing course and pass the final course exam. You can sign up and take the course completely online. There is no need to be present in the state of Florida. It typically takes people an average of 45 days to complete the entire course and exam. From there you can complete your criminal background check and have your fingerprints taken online. Once your fingerprints are in the system its just a matter of days to submit your application and schedule your state exam.

Reach Your Goals as a Florida Real Estate License Holder

You can reach your personal and financial goals with a Florida real estate license. It opens the door to a brand-new lifestyle and a new career path without the hustle and bustle of the nine-to-five rat race. Besides that, can you even think of a better state to live and work in than Florida? The weather is fantastic, and the real estate game is always on point. Choose your specialty, set your new goals, and go get ‘em with the simple Florida real estate license requirements!