Why it is important to use Facebook post templates.

You just started promoting your page or just opened a restaurant and trying to attract more visitors? You’re selling some products or want to get a new audience for your YouTube channel? For those and many other purposes, you will need to add a visual representation. This will help your target audience to get a first impression of your project and then pay attention to the content.

You can make pictures by yourself, but there is no guarantee that in the end this will work out well. That is why many Facebook profile owners trust this matter to professional designers. With free Facebook post templates there is more chance that your project will get much more interaction. In this article we will talk about what are the pluses of using templates, how to choose and where to find them.

Why it is important to use Facebook post templates. 1

The advantages of using templates

As we mentioned before, it is a time-saving choice. You can focus on creating a foundation for the project while templates will take care of a visual aspect of it. The additional benefits of choosing templates are:

  • it is always images of high-quality that can make your project look more professional;
  • templates can set a mood for a unified style for your account and using a one design for an account can make it look more trustworthy.

You can always adjust the style of your account by slightly changing temlpates. It is much esier than make a rebranding by yourself.

How to choose the right templates for your account

It depends on the type of business. If you are just starting, choose whatever you like. Or, you can try to make a note of what your target audience might love to see on your page. Here are more tips on choosing the right template:

  • It is always should be a high-quality picture. So, try to save each template in PNG and SVG formats.
  • Do not try to put way too much of the information on your image. Particularly when using a small font size for it. Not many visitors will read it, some of them will get bored. An image should reflect the mood of the post.
  • A picture should fit Facebooks’ recommended dimensions. A desired size of image for post is 1200 on 630 px. Either way, Facebook will crop or change the quality of your template by stretching it.

There is no guide to what exactly should be on your picture. Just try to make it stand out amongst others. 

Where you can get free templates

We will focus on a platform VistaCreate. It has a long list of templates for different social media, separated by category. Here you can quickly find what you are looking for. Created by experienced designers who know the latest trends those templates are the best choice for promoting your business. If this is not enough, you can always activate a premium account for access to rare designs.

  • Register your account by entering your email address and password. Or link a vista.create profile to Google, Facebook or Apple for a quick registration.
  • Click on the button “Templates” located on the upper panel.
  • On the left side of the screen you will have to choose the needed category.
  • Choose from the library of templates. Just click on the picture that you like.
  • The editor will be opened. Here you will be offered to look at the guide on how to use the editor.
  • After getting acquainted, get back to the editor. 
  • You can move all the elements on the picture and change the color. You can also see on the left side that there is a bar with templates of similar design. Click on any template that you like by creating a new page in your project. 
  • Download the picture when you’re done. 

If there are any questions left, you can always write a message to the customer support.