When and How to Wear a Watch.

Not everyone knows how to wear a watch correctly. Well, at least this can be judged by looking at passers-by. This is not about cheap watches. Many do not even know how to wear expensive Swiss watches. We must select the wristwatch based on the style of clothing, lifestyle, and situation. It is necessary to wear a watch on a certain hand and follow the norms. There are exceptions to the strict rules, but these are rather fashion trends. A watch is worn on the wrist and serves to indicate the current time has long ceased to be just an ornament. Wristwatches tell about the status, taste, and style of the owner. This accessory even has a specific energy, so it is crucial to wear it correctly.

Choosing a watch model

The choice of models directly depends on the size of the wrist. This is the primary criterion to be followed. On a wide wrist, a chronometer will look ridiculous. There is an unspoken rule: the watch face should be the same size as the width of your wrist. Then this accessory will look beautiful. It is desirable that the watch tightly clasps the hand and does not rotate around it. And they should match the style of the clothes. For jeans and polo fit electronic with a rubberized strap, and for a business suit – a classic on a leather strap. To summarize: they should tightly wrap around the hand, should not be larger than the wrist, should fit clothing and shoes, and should be combined with other jewelry.

Which hand should the watch be worn on?

People wear accessories on different hands. It all depends on your feelings and comfort. Therefore, it is impossible to give an unequivocal answer on which hand the watch is worn. Etiquette does not give explicit instructions on this. Much depends on whether a person is left-handed or right-handed. However, some stylists argue you need to wear a wristwatch on a hand that is not predominant: left-handers on the right, and right-handers on the left.

Men are more likely to wear a wristwatch on their left wrist. However, many people break this rule. It is believed that strong-willed men who are not used to living according to a “pattern” and who know how to make serious decisions put this accessory on their right wrist. Women often just choose a stylish accessory and wear it on the wrist where it will look best. But women who hold top positions and prefer a business style are advised to wear them on their left hand. In this way, they will emphasize position and status.

How to wear a watch with clothes?

Even the most fashionable and exquisite swiss made watches can spoil the image if you do not combine them with shoes and clothes. Wearing this accessory properly is also an art. For the device to look good, be comfortable, and not too wrapped around the wrist, you need to choose the right strap. It all depends on preference. You can buy rubber, leather, and metal models. In the arsenal should be a wristwatch with a black or brown strap – you can wear casual clothes. But here you must combine it with shoes and a bag. For special occasions, models with a gold bracelet are suitable. So, the watch must be in the same style as the clothes.

A man with jeans and polo can wear a wristwatch with a wide dial and a rubber strap. A girl with a chiffon short summer dress can wear a small watch with a pink or blue strap. A large watch with a wide strap decorated with a pattern will suit a long skirt and a linen blouse. For business style, more concise models are needed.

The watch will look unusual when the strap is made of the same leather as the bag and belt. Girls can wear contrasting color bracelets with watches – it always looks original. It is difficult for men to deviate from strict rules. Stylists recommend buying wristwatches with bright straps for spring and summer.

How to wear watches and bracelets for girls?

It is permissible to wear jewelry and a watch in one hand. First, you need to put on a bracelet, and then a watch, but not vice versa. These two accessories should match each other in style and be equally decorated. For example, if there are rhinestones or cubic zirconia on the bracelet, then they should also be on the watch. A vintage bracelet is suitable for gold wristwatch models. With miniature ones, you can wear a narrow bracelet with butterflies or hearts.

Final Words

You must match watches in style and color accurately. Not sure? Then, it is better to buy a multipurpose model that will be combined with different clothes. And if you want to do something nice and give a watch to a loved one, ask in advance if he is ready to accept such a gift. The explanation for this is simple: many people believe that donated watches bring bad luck.