A Quick Peep into the Concept of MC4 connector

Before you buy MC4 connector, you should understand that MC4 is the name of the connection kind on all new solar panels. They provide an IP67 waterproof and dust proof secure electrical connection.  Also, any sort of MC4 will not connect with older types of MC3 connectors. Once you have these MC4 connectors, they work best with 4mm and 6mm solar cable.

Actually, once you purchase any new solar panel (generally over thirty Watts) it is going to be already fitted with two 500 – 900mm leads with MC4 connectors linked for you to get the power securely out of the solar panel. Isn’t that really great? Anyhow, the point is how do you actually get the power from the panel on any outhouse or outbuilding roof to your controller that is installed 20 metres away?

Well, in such instances you can simply get pre-cut leads from 2 metres to even 10 metres, but a more and absolutely efficient way is to get the cable that you can cut to the exact length you require and then attach MC4 connectors.

Anyhow, you should know that MC4 connectors are single-contact electrical connectors generally used for connecting solar panels. The MC in MC4 simply states that the manufacturer Multi-Contact (currently Stubble Electrical Connectors) and even the 4 for the 4mm diameter contact pin. MC4s permits the strings of panels to simply be easily constructed by gently pushing the connectors from adjacent panels together by hand. However, they do require a tool to disconnect them to make sure they do not unintentionally disconnect once the cables are pulled. The MC4 and compatible products are actually universal in the solar market in the present time. Yes, these items are equipping nearly all solar panels produced since nearly 2011. Of course, you can find the type of item that you think suits your specific needs.

What does MC4 connector consist of?

Well, the MC4 connector system consists of a simple plug and socket design. Oddly, the plugs as well as sockets are kept inside plastic shells that appear to be opposite gender – the plug is with a cylindrical shell that appears like a female connector but is referred to as that of male, and the socket is within a square probe that appears male but is electrically female.

The female connector owns two plastic fingers that need to be pressed toward the central probe slightly to insert into holes right in the front of the male connector. Once the two get pushed together, the fingers slide down the holes till they reach a specific notch cut into the side of the male connector, where they simply pop outward to lock the two together.

For a proper type of seal, MC4s need the usage of a cable with the right diameter. Normally double-insulated (insulation plus that of black sheath) and UV resistant (most of the cables deteriorate in case they get used outdoors without protection from sunlight). Connection gets made by use of a proper special crimping tool, otherwise by soldering.


To sum up, you can get an MC4 connector as per your solar requirement. Remember, they ensure better safety and working once you pick and install them rightly.

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