Mom jeans v/s high waist jeans: A comparison to assist your choice

Denim is always in vogue but its fit and styling trends keep changing. From being one of the most stylish outfits to the most comfortable one, jeans are the go-to clothing pieces. Available in many different types at Vibe Clothing Company, these are a wardrobe staple for people from all walks of life.

With the best mom jeans in Australia, these denim attires have also broken the age barriers. Today, jeans are available in numerous varieties making it possible for women from all age brackets to find a perfect comfy pair that suits their lifestyle.

While all these varieties are a boon, it also perplexes a perfect selection. Jeans are classified into many categories and subcategories which are often overlapping. One such bewildering choice is between mom jeans and high waist jeans. While the difference is not that apparent, it is also not too complex. Let us dig deeper into these types and understand what sets them apart.

Understanding mom jeans

The rise of mom jeans is coupled with the evolution of women’s fashion. In the late 80s and early 90s, middle-aged women embarrassed these denim pants as an ideal wardrobe addition. Mom jeans lost their charm thereafter but made a solid comeback in recent times. Owing to the impeccable comfort, these jeans acquired resounding popularity among women of all age groups, especially teens and young ladies.

Understanding high waist jeans

High waist jeans are a more elaborated category that includes all pairs of jeans that grip above the navel. Never been out of fashion, these jeans are in trend in some form or style. The journey began in the early 90s and has never stopped since then. These are available in skin fit, loose fit, or flared and are suitable for any occasion or casual wear.

Key differences between the two types

In one line, you can say that any mom’s jeans can be a high waist but the reverse is not true. The following pointers highlight some major differences between the two categories.

In and out of vogue

Mom jeans are often considered a subset of high-waisted jeans. During the lifetime of over three decades, mom jeans have seen it all. These have been out of fashion for several years and then returned as a major hit. On the contrary, high-waisted jeans have never lost their charisma.

Popularity based on location

Mom jeans had started small as these were incredibly famous among American women during their early days. However, their comeback has been universal, with ladies from all corners inclined towards these outfit pieces. High-waist jeans have always been a favorite across the globe.

Admiration in different age groups

High-waisted jeans being a super-category has a large variety to cater to different tastes. For that reason, women of all ages and society sections showered their love on these pairs of pants.

On the flip side, mom jeans began the journey with popularity only among middle-aged women. However, today, as comfort has taken on all other factors in the fashion industry, mom jeans are ready to rule the entire age spectrum.

Difference in fitting

Mom jeans are loose-fit denim pants that are essentially paired with a belt as an accessory. On the other hand, high-waisted jeans are available in all kinds of fittings including skin fit, loose fit, and flared. You can adorn a variety of accessories to complete your look.