5 Facebook marketing mistakes that are taxing your business promotion campaign

Facebook is a marketing powerhouse that allows you to connect, communicate, and engage with your audience. It is one of the most valuable tools that businesses use for promoting their offerings.

While it takes just a few minutes to start a business page on Facebook, materializing it to the best of its capabilities is often more difficult. The ultimate goal of Facebook marketing is to develop an affinity with the existing customers and expand your reach to the potential ones.

This is where you need a facebook marketing agency in Melbourne, to ensure the effectiveness of your campaign. Many businesses mistakenly think that garnering a few hundred followers out of millions of Facebook users is easy. However, they often end up struggling to get the desired outcomes. Here are some mistakes they commonly make and need to avoid for a successful campaign.

Making it all promotional and not showing the personal side

Loading your posts with promotional content is the biggest distraction for your prospects. Facebook is fundamentally used by people to connect with friends and family. For that reason, posting and interacting with your audience as a person rather than a company is more productive. Make your posts entertaining and emotional to show more of the human side of the business.

Making it about you instead of your visitors

Blatant business promotions do not work on Facebook. Imagine posting the growth in your customer base in the last month. Giving the figures directly will instantly divert the visitors.

You can make the same post more visitor-centric by thanking people for supporting and bringing the highest ever sales to your business. A simple change in perspective elevates the impact of the post.

Not creating enough variety of posts

Most businesses end up posting the same type of content on Facebook. These are often all links to articles or blogs or a textual post with an image. Such posting can soon become monotonous and uninteresting to the visitors. Add more variety to your page and put up posts that have humor, infographics, high-quality visuals, announcements for contests, and more.

Inconsistency in content publishing

Many businesses begin with great enthusiasm posting content every day. However, that lasts only for a maximum of a couple of months followed by a dry phase. After posting regularly for a month, you do not post anything for two weeks, it can disconnect your audience. You can slash down the frequency to maybe posting every other day as long as you can be consistent with that.

Having an imprecise and loosely defined profile

A well-defined profile only takes a few minutes to impress first-time visitors and determines their next course of action. On the contrary, a loosely defined profile can ruin your impression and drive the visitors away.

You can use a high-quality image display and cover, pick the right business category, define who you are and what you do for them in the about us section, add a CTA, keep the contact information updated, etc.