Important Things to Follow When Buying a Gaming PC

You know purchasing or building a gaming personal computer needs planning, research, comparing and that of even contrasting, and, in case possible, testing out your options. Certainly once you know what your needs are, you can look into gaming pc for sale in Australia and make the right choice.

Anyhow, various newbie gamers wonder if they should purchase a pre-built PC or build one themselves. The point is self-built pcs are somewhat cheaper, and you experience more control over the components of the gaming rig. However, the process can be really demanding and tedious since you would have to assemble all the parts by yourself. In case you run into any sort of issues with your custom-built gaming PC, you would be on your own. Anyhow, here are some things that you must follow when purchasing a pc for your gaming.


The CPU (Central Processing Unit) is the mind of the computer. A great modern CPU from Intel or AMD is going to get you a decent type of gaming experience. For gaming you don’t really require a very powerful cpu. Professionals recommend a 4 core/4 thread type of CPU as the bare minimum for entry level type of gaming.

For decent type of gaming performance with modern titles, it would be nice to go for 6 core/12 thread cpu. Anything higher is going to slightly improve the gaming performance but not massively, unless the game is specially formed up to take advantage of multiple cores.

Buying a Gaming PC

Go for Intel

Intel cpus have certainly better type of single core performance than that of AMD processors that outcomes in slightly better gaming performance. With the K series of processors you can easily overclock as well to enhance the performance even further, in case the rest of your hardware components may handle it.

In case you are simply looking for the finest possible gaming performance and price is not a factor, then you must go for that latest generation of Intel cpus. For gaming it would recommend Core i5-10600K or that of above. It is a 6core/12 thread 12MB Cache CPU, that is actually a great option for starters, entry level gamers and that of also competitive gamers.

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Stay Thoughtful about Graphics Card / GPU / Graphics Memory

Once you have decided on what CPU best suits your requirements , it is time to concentrate on another crucial thing about your gaming PC – the GPU (Graphics Processing Unit). Graphics Card is basically the most important component of a gaming PC, just because you can’t run games in the absence of it. Except for old titles, all modern 3d games require a devoted graphics card to run properly.

Though you could easily game with Integrated GPU that comes with some Intel (HD graphics) and that of AMD (Vega) processors, but i gpus are mostly at the bottom level in terms of performance. You might have to run your games at the lowest graphics settings and that of resolution.


To sum up, these were two of the most important things that you must follow when purchasing a gaming PC.