How to Keep Your Customers: Marketing Tips for Customer Retention

There are several marketing strategies out there that help businesses capture the attention of their target market, and even convert them into a paying customer. In fact, this seems to be the main goal of all of the major marketing strategies. But what about customer retention?
It’s not guaranteed that every person that makes a purchase from your business will do so again, but you’ll want to make sure that the majority of them are repeat customers. Fortunately, many marketing strategies are designed to both attract and retain customers. Here are four marketing tips to help you with customer retention.

1: Build Trust with Your Customers

Online PR Marketing
Trust is the foundation of any long-term relationship, and you want to create a long-term relationship with your customers. Listening to, emphasizing with, and working to eliminate your customers’ concerns are great ways to build their trust and create customer loyalty. In order to do this, you must actively engage with your customers, and this is known as online PR (public relations).
When your customers leave reviews (positive or negative) on your products, respond back to them, as this is good PR. Thank them for leaving a positive review and tell them you appreciate them choosing your company. For negative reviews, offer to reach out to them to make things right— this lets prospective customers know that you’re willing to make sure they have a positive experience with your company, even if they don’t necessarily have a positive experience with your products.

2: Create a Customer Loyalty Program

Email Marketing
Customers love saving money and they love receiving rewards, and sending special emails to your most loyal customers gives them the incentive to keep doing business with you— and they’ll tell their friends about all of the rewards they get. Keep in mind that effective email marketing sends emails to all customers that sign up for them, but try to do something special for your loyal customers.
Another route to take with customer loyalty is to create an affiliate program. This will allow your loyal customers to promote your products while they earn a small commission in return. Affiliate programs create a unique link for each affiliate, and they promote this link and their favorite products from a specific company. By doing this, you’ll still make money and you’ll be rewarding your most loyal customers at the same time.

3: Have a Strong Online Presence

Social Media Marketing
Since billions of people use some form of social media every day, you should have a business page on at least one social media site. All of the most popular platforms have tools and other useful information for businesses to ensure that they increase their brand awareness online. Some of the current top social media platforms include:
● Facebook
● Instagram
● Pinterest
● TikTok
● Twitter
Another important component of an online presence is having a business website. This is the landing spot for all things related to your business, including how and where to purchase your products. A professional website should include the following pages:
● About Us: tells visitors about your company
● Contact Us: include your email, phone number, and physical location (if applicable)
● Customer reviews
● Frequently Asked Questions
● Products and/or services page

4: Offer Different Promotions Often

Promotional Marketing
Even if you create special sales and promotions for your loyal customers, you should still run promotions to continue attracting new customers— and let them know that they can receive more offers by joining your customer loyalty program. A unique promotion to consider is giving away a promotional item when a customer makes a purchase of a certain amount. Promotional items can be almost anything— as long as it relates to your company— that bears your company’s logo. Examples of promotional items include:
● Bumper stickers
● Cups and mugs
● Pencils and pens
● Shirts and hoodies
● Towels and blankets
Water bottles
By adding your logo to these items, you’re getting free marketing whenever your customers use these items. This not only creates customer retention by offering company merchandise, but it also creates brand awareness and exposes more people to your company.

The bottom line is that letting your customers know that you care about them, having a strong online presence, and offering them certain rewards are the best ways to increase your customer loyalty. Loyal customers want to continue doing business with your company, and creating loyal customers helps you retain your customers. So try one or more of these marketing tips to keep up customer retention.