Slovenia is the most crypto-friendly nation in the world.

The research got conducted by Fast Private Jet, an aviation company. Slovenia is the central country in Europe. They estimated that it is the most cryptocurrency-friendly state in the world. Its capital, Ljubljana is the most embracing European destination for digital currency businesses.  If you are into Bitcoin trading, you might be interested in a reputable site that will give you advanced knowledge in the world of crypto.

Central Europe is leading the way

There has been an increase in the acceptance and adoption of cryptocurrency assets worldwide. It has been motivating nations to pace up quickly to welcome revolutionary technology and digital assets in different ways. Fast Private Jet, a business aviation company that is Italy based published one survey report at the start of 2022. They revealed destinations worldwide that are highly cryptocurrency-friendly. To start with, the company introduced global capital. They are now the best destinations for travelers who like using crypto by indexing cities having maximum venues such as shops or restaurants that accept payments in digital currency.

Top cryptocurrency-friendly countries worldwide

•           Slovenia along with the Czech Republic and Argentina are the top three cryptocurrency-friendly nations worldwide.

•           Japan, Spain, and Columbia follow them.

•           New York is the most cryptocurrency-friendly US city.

•           It has many options such as eateries and shopping for spending cryptos.

•           In the US, some cities such as California, Los Angeles, and San Francisco are the next most cryptocurrency-friendly.

•           While, China, Egypt, Oman, Algeria, Qatar, Morocco, Iraq, Bangladesh, and Tunisia are the least cryptocurrency-friendly countries worldwide.

•           All of them have banned crypto for various reasons.

•           Around 42 countries have put a restriction directly or indirectly on crypto and prohibited it.

•           Such countries are Bolivia, Bahrain, and Algeria to name a few.

•           China is the least cryptocurrency-friendly country worldwide.

•           In last year September, the local authorities of China put a complete ban on crypto business and operations in China.

Top 5 cryptocurrency-friendly European destinations

•           Slovenia’s capital Ljubljana in Europe is the most cryptocurrency-friendly European destination.

•           Some amenities in Slovenia that contribute to the crypto-friendly nature of this nation are:

1.          Alone Ljubljana includes over 137 businesses along with 584 various locations that accept crypto payments.

2.         Slovenia has 33 sports venues and 72 shops that will let payments in cryptocurrency take place.

3.         BTC is the name of the largest Slovenia shopping center that symbolizes one Bitcoin city.

•           Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic is the second most cryptocurrency-friendly destination.

•           Paralelni Polis is the only coffee house that accepts Bitcoin payments.

•           Madrid, the capital of Spain is the third most cryptocurrency-friendly destination.

•           In 2021, the cryptocurrency regulation was implemented in Spain.

•           People residing in Spain can purchase gift cards by making use of crypto that can be used online.

•           They can also use it in any in-store apparel shops or on electronics like Amazon or gift car subscriptions on Netflix.

•           In Europe, the least cryptocurrency-friendly nation is Malta.

•           The country has no such crypto regulation.

•           The largest number of cryptocurrency ATMs worldwide is in the US.

•           They have 30,963 crypto ATMs in the whole country in total.

•           Canada followed by El Salvador is among the countries having the next highest numbers of cryptocurrency ATMs.

•           Dubai has only a single cryptocurrency cash machine.

•           Thus the United Arab Emirates has been ranked the lowest in the crypto ATMs.


The research by Coincub predicted that for quarter 1 this year Germany is the most cryptocurrency-friendly nation. Singapore and USA follow Germany. This company’s study is different from that of Fast Private Jet. It is because it considered many factors such as crypto laws in various countries, total fraud cases as well as digital asset courses’ availability. It is not the very first time that the nation of Central Europe found its place in the same studies. In 2021, the platform of digital assets named Crypto Head determined that with 5.96 indexes, Slovenia is the 7th most cryptocurrency-ready country. For performing such research, the company has combined many factors such as yearly cryptocurrency Google search per 100,000 individuals and total ATMs. The USA has more than 30,000 cryptocurrency ATMs. It is not a surprise that it gained the first position. And Cyprus’s Mediterranean island ranked second.