Elden Ring Brother Corhyn and Goldmask Questline and Locations.

Who exactly is the elderly man hiding behind the golden mask, and what are the specific ways in which he plans to make The Lands Between completely different?

Elden Ring Brother Corhyn and Goldmask Questline and Locations. 1

Before we can move forward with our investigation of Goldmask, we need to first gain an understanding of the faith that he adheres toIt’s possible that you haven’t paid much attention to the Noble Goldmask if you haven’t been following Brother Corhyn’s questline in Elden Ring. The Noble Goldmask is a non-player character (NPC) in Elden Ring who can be found in Altus Plateau.

On the other hand, if you have, you may have picked up on him. Goldmask is a mute man who spends his entire life staring at the Erdtree in an attempt to decipher the secrets cheap Elden Ring runes holds. He accomplishes this feat without making a sound. The irony here is that his staring is a waste of time because the Tarnished already gives him all of the answers he requires to finish his quest.

Who is this man who only communicates with hand gestures, and how can we determine what motivates him if he only makes hand gestures? The problems can be solved in a manner that is not nearly as difficult as they may at first appear. The solutions to our problems, just like in each and every other game that From Software has ever developed, are covertly tucked away in various parts of the world.

  • This will allow us to proceed with our investigation
  • Goldmask is a member of a religious group called the Golden Order Fundamentalists
  • This group is Goldmask’s faith
  • Since Elden Lord Radagon was the one who first instituted this faith, its history is almost identical to that of The Lands Between themselves
  • Naturally, the figure that can be compared to a god and is said to be responsible for the beginning of the Erdtree is none other than Radagon
  • The belief that everything that happens in the world is under the control of an immaterial being known as the Greater Will and that the Erdtree is the materialization of the Greater Will’s influence on the world is one of the most fundamental tenets of this religion
  • This belief is also known as the “Greater Will Hypothesis”

The fundamentalists of the Golden Order place a high importance on both education and prayer; consequently, the incantations they use typically have stringent requirements in terms of both intelligence and faith. They also believe that the beings who go by the name of the Two Fingers have the ability to directly interpret the words of the Greater Will and communicate those interpretations to other people. This belief stems from the fact that they believe the Two Fingers have been around since the beginning of time.

The concept of what death actually entails is yet another school of thought that the Golden Order researches. This is a very important topic in a world where there is no such thing as death because Elden Ring items changes everything.

The Golden Order considers a person to have passed away for good when their body and soul are both carved into the Erdtree at the same time. This basically indicates that in order for you to stop reanimating and for your essence to be returned to some kind of primordial soup so that the Erdtree can recycle you into new life, both your body and Soul need to pass away in close proximity to the Erdtree (or be brought there).

You will only be able to complete this task if you pass away in close proximity to the Erdtree or if you are brought there. Those Who Live In Death, also known as the enemies that are commonplace across the Lands Between, are inherently opposed to this ideal, which is the reason why the two camps are at odds with one another. These enemies are undead and are found throughout the Lands Between.


There are going to be members of this religion, the same way there are going to be members of every other religion, who aren’t going to agree with the doctrines that are preached by the church. In the case of Radagon, it was ultimately determined that his son Miquella was the one who was responsible for the crime. It was widely acknowledged that Miquella possessed the most wits and firepower of any of the Demigods.

He was able to understand something that his father was not capable of due to his boundless intelligence, and that was the fact that The Greater Will was not a compassionate autocrat but rather a cruel one. He was able to realize this in contrast to his father.

Miquella eventually arrived at the conclusion that there was no such thing as free will so long as the Outer Gods continued to meddle in the affairs of humans. In addition to this, he harbored a particularly malignant hatred for them due to the fact that the Scarlet Rot God was imprisoned within his sister Melania, and he was forced to watch as it consumed her bit by bit.

This led to him harboring a particularly malignant hatred for them. Miquella established his very own offshoot of the Golden Order and gave it the name the Order of Unalloyed Gold as a direct result of this event. His religion strived toward the objective of wholly removing the influence that the Outer Gods had on the world by doing everything in its power to do so.

As the Unalloyed Gold Needle has the capability to counteract the effects of an Outside God, it would appear that Miquella was very close to accomplishing his goal. It is essential to have some familiarity with the Outer Gods in order to comprehend the tragedy that befell Goldmask. However, the Noble Goldmask was unaware of the existence of Miquella’s sect because he kept the existence of his sect a closely guarded secret.

In the normal course of events, we would inquire, “Who is Goldmask?”in order to acquire additional information regarding the character. If we’re being completely honest with you, we have no idea. He does not wear any recognizable armor other than his signature mask, and he has committed himself to the life of a monk to such an extent that he no longer refers to himself by his birth name but instead goes by a moniker instead of his birth name.

We are only aware of one true fact regarding him, and that is that he formerly had followers but does not currently have any of them. It’s possible that he was a priest, but it’s also possible that he was just some crazy person wandering around Leyndell. Either way, it’s possible that he was a priest. What exactly is it that motivates Goldmask to be so zealous? This is the question that needs to be answered.

It would appear that Goldmask has taken on a strategy that is very comparable to the one that the Two Fingers have been utilizing. He has devoted countless hours to staring into the Erdtree, which has provided him with the ability to communicate with The Greater Will in some manner. As Brother Corhyn stays by Goldmask’s side throughout the entirety of his journey,  buy Elden Ring runes is clear that he has the ability to interpret this message.

Even Goldmask does not know what he is looking for, other than a general need to understand the Erdtree, until he appears outside the arena of the capital city of Leyndell. At that point, he realizes that he is in Leyndell. Goldmask is in a state where he is unsure of what he is searching for at that point. There, he arrives at the realization that the current configuration of the things does not quite add up, which leads him to the conclusion that something is amiss.

If the Tarnished decide to assist Goldmask in this predicament, there is an intriguing secret that might be revealed. When the Incantation of the Law of Regression is performed on a specific statue that is located within the city, a message that reads Radagon is Marika will be displayed on the statue’s surface. It is possible to convey this information to Goldmask, and once he does so, he will comprehend the impetus behind all of his actions up until this point. Before there is any chance of fully comprehending the Erdtree, the mystery of Radagon and Marika must first be resolved.

What Goldmask Finds

Outside of the Demigods themselves, Goldmask was probably the person who came the closest to comprehending the complete reality of the dilemma that the people of The Lands Between find themselves in. Based on the conversation that Corhyn has been having and the history that is connected to the Mending Rune of Perfect Order, it is necessary for us to draw some conclusions about Goldmask’s mental state at this point in time.

It would appear that Goldmask came to the conclusion that the Golden Order’s structure possessed a number of deficiencies at some point in time. He came to the conclusion that the inconsistencies in it were caused by the fact that Radagon and the other demigods were flawed beings who were prone to change their minds. He came to this conclusion after he observed that the other demigods did the same thing.

It appeared as though Goldmask was aware that the Gods are not perfect beings, and that he desired to create a world that was ruled by Gods who were truly perfect and unbiased. This was evidenced by Goldmask’s desire to create a world that was ruled by gods who were truly perfect and unbiased.

In spite of the fact that Goldmask was behaving in accordance with the highest possible moral standards, even his brilliant mind was incapable of comprehending the totality of the reality of the circumstance. Goldmask was well aware of the fact that the Gods were not perfect beings because they possessed flaws just like everyone else. What he failed to comprehend, however, was the fact that The Greater Will was an external force and not a force that was inherent in the process of creating The Lands Between.

Goldmask was never able to find out the truth about the Frenzied Flame or the Formless Mother to a degree that was sufficient for him to understand the larger plots that were being crafted. This prevented Goldmask from being able to understand the larger plots that were being crafted.

Miquella’s ideology was the correct answer for the Lands Between, and if Goldmask had been able to find him, he most certainly would have agreed and assisted in making Miquella’s dream a reality. This is the true tragedy of Goldmask. If Goldmask had been able to find him, he would have helped make Miquella’s dream a reality.

Despite this, Goldmask was not successful in locating Miquella. On the other hand, the interference of Outer Gods will cause Goldmask to usher in a truly Perfect Golden Order, one that will firmly establish The Greater Will as the dominant political force for all of eternity. Citation needed Citation needed