Giving Your Sales Calls the Human Touch.

Any experienced salesperson knows there’s only so much good that a well-written email or blog post can do when it comes to boosting sales. The greatest results come from direct contact with a potential customer and phone calls are one of the best ways to do it. However, the process can be complicated and costly. From click to call software to human power diallers, the options to make phone sales easier are vast and varied. Let’s investigate some now to see how you can improve your sales calls.

The Dangers and Hazards That You Need to Know

A term that everyone in the sales world is familiar with is “power diallers” – this is a technology that allows for automatic dialling, powering through your list of sales contacts, and ringing one number after another. While this is a thorough method of making contact, you must be careful that none of your policies or procedures goes against the standards of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act.

This act has been in place since 1991 and regulates telephone marketing while limiting the use of automatic dialling systems, artificial voice recordings and texts. Although these items are not completely prohibited, it outlines specific technical requirements for these systems, primarily that the identity and contact details of the sales entity are specified in the message.

If you were to be non-compliant with this act, the penalties incurred can amount to between $500 to $1,500 per call you have made! Evidently, it’s not worth cutting corners when it comes to telesales. By utilising the right and most reliable dialler, you can avoid these devastating consequences while also reducing the stress and time involved in this field of sales.

The Benefits and Advantages

Let’s consider some of the advantages that come with using dialler software:

  1. It saves money. By eliminating the need for manual dialling, and the time involved in doing so, this automatised software makes the work of the sales team a whole lot easier. They will be able to complete more work in the time given which cuts the costs involved more in time-consuming methods. The money and time that is saved can be redirected to other aspects that will be of greater benefit to the company in the future.
  2. It will Improve the chances of success after a sales call. There is a plethora of skills needed to be a successful sales caller. One should have excellent communication skills and a friendly manner while presenting as a confident and knowledgeable person. In addition, sales callers need to know when to stop, call again or persist with an offer. Tragically, many failed sales calls come from the poor performance of the salesperson during the call. This is where intelligent dialler software becomes invaluable. This software tracks the performance of calls and records this information. Sales teams can quickly access the results of previous calls to this prospect, thus being able to gauge which clients are worth another call and how to approach them if they are. The information, even from calls that didn’t end in a sale, gives sales teams the insight they need to make improvements and keep sharpening their skills.
  3. It will improve the operations of the business. Excessive wait time is non-existent, manual dialling is a thing of the past, and call drops won’t be your number one frustration when you have dialler software to help you. Whether your company is big or small, dialler software will be one of the most essential software solutions that you need to investigate to improve your business operations. Dialler software can also detect busy or non-serviceable numbers so won’t even waste time ringing them. Your sales team will only receive connected calls leading to a much higher proportion of connected calls, also improving the efficiency of your business operations. It will give more incentive to your sales team too as they are less likely to become demoralised at the constant sound of the “busy beep” when they try to make phone calls.
  4. It will empower and inspire the members of the sales team. Further to that previous point, dialler software eliminates the mindless, endless tasks like manual dialling and replaces them with fruitful and profitable alternatives. This will give the members of the sales team a lot more motivation when it comes to making sales calls. In the area of inbound calls, new and existing customers will get immediately transferred to the team member that will be able to offer them the best help. This will minimise the frustration of both the customer and the sales team and greatly improve the customer’s experience, meaning they’re more likely to contact you and recommend you to others in the future. If a potential client is constantly put in touch with the irrelevant team member, or can’t get through the phone call queue, they’re going to look elsewhere.
  5. It will improve the call experience for both the caller and the answerer. Connecting to a client is a much easier process and the salesperson will have time and reflect on the last call and prepare for the next one in between conversations. Follow-ups and requests for action are thus less likely to fall through the cracks as notes can be written, reminders set, and messages passed on to the other relevant team members.  Furthermore, the sales rep will feel relaxed and ready to take on the next pitch – when calls are rushed, it’s noticeable to the client and they will feel like simply a number from a list. That little bit of extra time between calls will help the sales rep to portray the individual interest in that client, furthering the potential to have a successful conversation and close a profitable deal.  A real asset is the dynamic call script that often comes with a dialler software package. This will really help salespeople to work through their pitches and tailor their approach to fit the client and their needs.