Become A Disney Vacation Club Member With DVC Resale

If you are a fan of anything Disney, there’s a high chance that you are familiar with their vacation club.

It is the perfect combination of luxury and the grandness that comes with the brand.

How about some castle accommodations? Anyone?

Surely, it would make for a memorable experience.

So if you are interested in becoming a member of one of the most popular club memberships ever, then definitely keep on reading because we are about to tell you how a DVC resale can help you become a part of the ever beloved vacation club.

Defining Disney Vacation Club

Before we dive into what’s in store for you when you become a member of this luxurious vacation club, let’s first discuss the concept behind it to further grasp why Disney Vacation Club remains a holiday favorite.

Disney refers to DVC as their very own timeshare vacation program wherein individuals can become owners of a small percentage in any of Disney’s world-renowned resorts. Buying into their real estate means that you have become a member, thus you are entitled to yearly stays depending on your vacation points.

However, as one would expect, a direct membership can easily cost a fortune. This is where DVC resale comes into the picture. 

Benefits Of Buying DVC Resale

DVC resale is very popular among members and interested buyers. It is, after all, significantly cheaper than a direct membership.

Save Money

This is the most obvious reason why buying resale is the best alternative to becoming a direct member. Disney Vacation Club is notorious for its unbelievably high rates for membership and not everyone is fond of this fact.

This is why DVC resale has become popular among DVC fans because they are given the opportunity to be part of the club without paying excessively high fees.

In websites such as DVC Resale Experts, you will be able to browse through listings with affordable prices- depending on the inclusions of the contracts.

Choose Your Contract

For you to be able to make the most out of your planned trip to the Disney resorts or its accredited locations, some factors in your contract need to be considered.

For example, the home resort attached to the contract dictates which location you can book 11 months in advance and if that home resort is a club favorite, then you can expect that the rooms sell out like hotcakes.

You can also choose the use year most suitable for when you are planning to make the trip so between you and the seller- it’s a win-win.


One of the best things about buying a resale contract is that you get to negotiate its price with the original owner.

However, do keep in mind that DVC resale contracts are very high in demand. Especially those with good inclusions and they can sell out right away. So be careful about negotiating- offer a reasonable amount, because chances are, they are also receiving other offers for their listing.

Rent Your Points

Once you have become a member, you have the ability to rent your points for someone else to use. This is good for when you have no plans to go on a vacation in any of the Disney resorts for the current year. Rent your points instead to make passive income from it.

By doing this, you don’t only save money from buying a resale contract, but you are also earning extra from your DVC membership.

Final Thoughts

You are guaranteed to find the best deal for you when you browse listings from reliable websites such as DVC Resale Experts.

Enjoy your membership without spending a huge amount of money! With that kind of savings, wouldn’t your vacation turn out even better?