Calgary Townhomes – The Best Option To Live In A Downtown

Calgary is one of the most thriving cities right now. It has got some amazing neighborhoods ideal for both young and old people. If you are looking for a townhouse for sale Calgary, then we have rounded off the best options for you.


If you are looking for a neighborhood where everyone looks after one another then Varsity is the place to live in. its quiet streets and the elderly population give a feeling of closeness and warmth. You can find a lot of family-based activities in the neighborhood, along with some great shopping spots. You can go anywhere at any time as it is located close to the highway. The CTrain also passes by this neighborhood, making the commute to other locations very convenient.


Beltline is a cool neighborhood with rocking clubs, cool hangout places, and even hippie bookstores. It is the place where the youngsters enjoy living. There is also a laid-back attitude to this place due to having a low-key presence.


Edgemont is a close-knit neighborhood with a strong sense of community. It is considered to be the safest place to live in Calgary as the people are very actively involved in looking after each other and bringing improvements to the area.


If you want to live in a place full of life and nighttime activities, then Downtown is the right place to be at. It has some of the best restaurants in town and endless shopping options. It is also the second-largest place in Canada headquartered maximum corporate offices. So if you work in one of the places and find a townhome in Downtown as well, you will have the perfect area to live in.

Crescent Heights

Living at the riverbank can be an exquisite experience. Crescent Heights in Calgary is present at the riverside, home to McHugh Bluff Park, and situated near the downtown. It has some great dining options and awesome shopping places. However, this place does have a higher crime rate as compared to the other neighborhoods present in this list.

Arbor Lake

Do you want to live in a neighborhood with a private beach? Arbor Lake has one of its own. While this thing alone is enough for anyone to move to this place, this neighborhood is a food lover’s heaven as well because of the amazing restaurants present there.