The best racing steering wheels 2022

All game consoles are associated with accessories with which they are compatible, such as gaming racing wheels for example. But to get the most out of your game, which gaming racing wheel should you choose? Here are our tips!

Tip 1: Always get a model with a pedal board

The pedalboard itself is an accessory to the racing wheel. For those seeking the perfect feel, a racing wheel with a pedal or shifter is practically indispensable. Metal pedals are more stable and are preferred. The models can also have 2 or 3 speeds. As you can see, having the clutch as well as the pedals makes it even more realistic!

Thrustmaster TMX Pro

The gaming racing wheel with all-inclusive pedalboard

The TMX Pro is clearly a racing wheel for the most demanding players. The pedalboard it receives is fully adjustable. Its 3 pedals are actually adjustable in height and tilt, independently from each other. It has a rubber stop. This makes the cushioning more comfortable, but also closer to that of a real car. The steering wheel, meanwhile, adopts a realistic format (28 cm in diameter). Designed for the Xbox One, the TMX Pro has everything to please!

Tip 2: Choose one with quality force feedback

Many game controllers offer vibration. On the steering wheel, this is called “force feedback”. For example, when you brake suddenly, your steering wheel may vibrate. Many models use this method to replicate the behavior of a car. You should also look at the steering wheel’s accuracy and its ability to turn. A minimum of 180 degrees of rotation is required.

Logitech Driving Force G29

The high precision gaming racing wheel

The Logitech G29 gaming racing wheel features a particularly powerful force feedback. This one relies on two motors to provide a more realistic result. The wheel also offers 900 degrees of rotation, and it comes with a 3-pedal pedal board. The accessory has a hand-stitched leather cover and keeps all the controls within easy reach. So, shifting gears is a breeze. Finally, the G29’s plus: its great compatibility. The device can be connected to a PS3, a PS4 or a PC.

Tip 3: Be interested in its features

Racing wheels almost always have features that can be adjusted directly from the console. These depend on the medium in question (PS3, Xbox One, PC…) and the game. So make sure your steering wheel is fully recognized by your favorite titles. This way, you will have additional settings. These will be particularly important if you are aiming for realism at a low price.


The cheap gaming racing wheel

One of the best value for money is the Esperanza. This inexpensive racing wheel features a 2-pedal pedal board. With its adjustable sensitivity, the accessory simply connects via USB to a PC, PS2 or PS3. Incorporating an accelerometer and digital vibrations, the device can be adjusted to better suit the needs of each player. Other keys are used to select or return to the menu. They save precious time by avoiding the presence of an additional controller. Happiness at a low price!

Our Choice: Thrustmaster T300 Ferrari GTE

The Ferrari-style racing wheel

For an experience that’s as close to perfection as possible, we’d finally settle for a top-of-the-line model. Thrustmaster’s T300 Ferrari features a 1080° force feedback system based on an industrial motor. It incorporates a technology called H.E.A.R.T. that ensures extreme precision on the steering wheel. Compatible with PS3, PS4 and PC, the steering wheel is a 7/10th replica of the Ferrari 458! If that’s not enough for realism, we can add the 2-pedal pedal board. 100% adjustable, it adds to the realism a comfort worthy of a sports car!

The gaming racing wheel is still an accessory, but for enthusiasts, it’s an essential. So choose it first according to your gaming habits.