Reasons Why You Should Start a Business in Kitengela Town

Kitengela, only a heartbeat away from Nairobi Central Business District, has been on the rise for years. So if you want to explore your entrepreneurial side, Kitengela Town is a hotbed of opportunities, from real estate, healthcare, transport, finance, entertainment, and eateries, to name a few. But why Kitengela; what makes the Town a great business destination? Here are some of the top reasons you should consider starting a business in Kitengela town.

Growing population

Kitengela has, for the last few years, seen a surge in population; this is mainly due to its affordable housing and proximity to Nairobi City. Affordable rental and property for sale are among the considerations of selecting a house in Kitengela that keeps propelling the Town’s growth. The well-developed transport infrastructure, especially the highway, means you can get to the city within minutes, approximately 30-40.

The proximity and accessibility mean you can comfortably live in the Town and commute to the city for work, school, or other needs, a contribution that attracts a significant following. You’ll also find other transport options including railway, and with proximity to the airport, further, enjoy convenient living if you are into international engagements.

The sprouting population provides an excellent opportunity for entrepreneurs. This is more so since the trend shows no sign of slowing down, especially as more Kenyans continue to favor satellite towns due to the favorable cost of living.

Economic growth

Kitengela’s economic growth and stability continue to favor the Town, making it a stronghold in Kajiado County. This is mainly attributed to the many industries, including textile and cement factories. The Town is also home to vibrant Export Processing Zones, creating more employment opportunities and attracting a significant populace.

Economic growth and stability favor businesses since you have a significant pool of customers waiting. As more people shift to Kitengela in search of employment and affordable living, your business stands a better chance as you cater to the needs of the growing populace with stable income. Any entrepreneur yearns for a region with a stable and growing economy, a box that Kitengela Town marks.


Besides the well-developed road network, Kitengela features more amenities, making starting and growing a business more manageable. This is more so in the modern business arena that relies on digital solutions. The growing real estate, readily available water, electricity, network, and internet connectivity make Kitengela a well-established town. The amenities mean you can comfortably settle in the Town, start a business, and grow it beyond the town borders with the digital infrastructure. You can even buy or rent a house and start a small business leveraging the Town’s well-established infrastructure, a cost-effective strategy especially considering the affordable properties and cost of living.


What industry do you fancy? Kitengela’s diversity means you are not restricted to a particular business line. You have the flexibility to go big, medium, or start small. Regardless of your business plan, you can find everything you need in Kitengela Town, not just considering the cultural diversity. This is evidenced by the many factories, financial services, learning institutions, healthcare facilities, and shopping malls, to mention a few highlights. You can tap into any of the sectors, and with the stable economy and growing population, gain a competitive edge and run a profitable business.


Kitengela is a safe Town, a significant check for any entrepreneur. The last thing you want is to start a business in a region characterized by insecurity. Besides your risking life, such a setting could see you making huge losses such as having stock stolen. Kitengela’s security keeps improving by the day since, apart from the Police, the established businesses use private security services, a significant crime deterrent.

Kitengela is a vibrant town among the top regions to explore as you dip your toes into the business world. The diverse and growing population, economic growth, infrastructure, and security provide an excellent environment to start and build a bigger and more profitable business.