How to get the IELTS Life Skills certificate, without sitting at the desk.

No one wants to seat behind a desk after school or graduation, and that’s why everyone is trying to learn a special skill. These skills will help you secure jobs in reputable companies and have higher salaries. But to get the skills, you need to learn the English Language. Lang-Test IELTS Life Skills Practice helps you get the IELTS Life Skills certificate without stress, by learning the exact questions, answers and words, expected at the exam. Does it look similar to the driver’s exam? I think so. If you know the exact questions expected at the exam, your chances for success are considerably increased.

In most cases, an English certificate is always useful. The IELTS certificate could be required for various purposes, but this specific document, named IELTS Life Skills, is the easiest one to get. It doesn’t require you to write anything. All you have to do is listen and answer questions that you know and keep up a conversation.

The exam has two modules:

  • Speaking
  • Listening

The exam evaluates your listening skills and how you react to questions. It also checks if you know how to keep a conversation, so you can find your way home and not get lost in an unknown country. The exam doesn’t require any academic skills, it does not test your readiness for master courses, and you simply talk to an examiner using specific topics.

How does the exam look like?

It is the easiest of all the IELTS exams and was released in 2015. The test is aimed at evaluating your English speaking skills. It is usually used to get a long-stay family visa or for the relocation of a spouse to an English-speaking country. If you are planning on marrying a foreigner or relocating to meet your lover, you’ll need the certificate to get a visa.

A lot of things depend on your English speaking skills, so if you need to get the certificate you might need some help.

How to get the IELTS Life Skills certificate, without sitting at the desk. 1

How to prepare oneself for IELTS Life Skills

There are different options to prepare oneself for the exam. You could use a tutor,            you could take an individual or group class, but it can be quite time-consuming and might cost you a lot of money. You won’t even be sure if you’ll pass or fail.

Fortunately, there is another more reliable option. The service, that offers all topics and questions that are expected at the exam. If you already know the topic, discussed it with the examiner, your chances of passing the test are higher. Maybe it does not considerably improve your actual language skills, but it helps in getting the IELTS Life Skills certificate for sure. You need nothing else.

Advantages of using the service

There is no doubt that an English tutor can teach you how to speak English better but you are going to an English-speaking country after all, so why waste time and money. You could easily immerse yourself in the English Language environment, talk to foreigners, and assimilate. It is better than sitting at the desk in a class.

You just need to prove that you’re a high-level English speaker to get a long-stay visa. English-speaking countries are afraid you’ll get lost in the country and won’t be able to find your way home, or communicate with the police, or buy a bus ticket if needed.

But remember that you will have a good guide (an English-speaking spouse, for example), who can answer all questions. That is why you should think about using the help offered by Lang-Test, it makes receiving the IELTS Life Skills certificate considerably easier. With the certificate, you can easily travel abroad and, maybe, get employment in an English-speaking country.

How does it work?

The service Lang-Test IELTS Life Skills Practice does not require taking time-consuming courses with a tutor, it’s much easier. You get the exact list of questions/answers that are expected at the exam. If you learn it properly, the exam becomes much easier for you. The price for the service is considerably lower than the exam itself and its efficiency is much higher. Have you previously passed a driving license exam? It looks similar to the IELTS exam; you just need to know the exact questions, asked by the examiner.

Finally, IELTS Life Skills represents the easiest exam for the whole family; you do not need any academic skills. You should simply understand spoken English and be able to express your thoughts. It should be enough to find a non-skilled job abroad. After this, everything depends on you. 

How to get the IELTS Life Skills certificate, without sitting at the desk. 2


English is not the end of self-development. The majority of good specialists continue learning it all their life. Even engineers, doctors, scientists, never stop trying to learn something new, to improve their value in the labor market and self-esteem in general. Herewith, good English skills are useful for the self-development of any individual. Looking for information on the Internet, meetings with foreign colleagues, phone calls – you cannot progress without it. For some people, such as interpreters and teachers it is their profession, for the majority of others, it is a useful skill.  

Therefore, the skill is in demand among many people, so IELTS Life Skills opens other self-development steps. Having the certificate, you can apply for a long-stay visa to an English-speaking country, or simply apply the certificate copy to your CV when looking for a new job, it is really helpful. However, you should remember that IELTS Life Skills represents the first level of English study. If you aim for something more serious (intellectual job, further university courses, etc.) you should consider other training from the following site:, it does not take a lot of time and allows getting a certificate of higher level.

As you see, English skills could be different; they also have their self-development steps, like for the learning of any other skill. If the IELTS Life Skills certificate allows getting a visa and any (not very qualified) job, other certificates, for example, IELTS Academic, open a way higher. Remember, everything depends on you, you can do it and the service Lang-Test, can help you with it.