The 3 Best Places for Moving in Canada

Canada is very big! So big that even Russia stands second to its landmass. Interestingly, with the kind of massive land Canada holds. We can’t say all of Canada is the best. There are some best places and some are mediocre for living. For example, when it comes to Calgary homes for sale NE, we know it is one of the best places for making a new home. The reasons are related to three core elements – safety, job opportunity, and low rate of living. 

Other Three Best Places to Move in Canada 

Besides Calgary, many other places are meant for living. But here, below are only the three best ones. 

#1: Montreal, Quebec

It is best known for its eatery in food and drinks. Montreal is however best when it comes to making and serving poutine, maple syrup, and even some tantalizing sort of smoked meat. However, this is the biased opinion of locals. Maybe it is because the most acclaimed and legendary Jamie Oliver has his restaurant in Montreal. Not just are these three specialties well received but some bagels make Montreal better than NJ or NYC (New Jersey or New York City). 

Pros of living in Montreal include; 

  • Exceptional food 
  • Extremely low-slung living cost 
  • Hub of the younger lot 

#2: Toronto, Ontario 

Interestingly, it is best for the kind of job opportunities Toronto provides to locals and outlanders. Toronto is a cosmopolitan hub of finances. Also, Toronto has the tallest building, CN Tower. It falls in the Western Hemisphere. Another feature that entices people to choose Toronto for living is ample job opportunities. The biggest banks in Canada are found here in Toronto. Big Five is one of them. 

Some best features of living in Toronto are listed below. 

  • Job and business opportunities are huge
  • You will never get bored in Toronto (galleries, museums, etc.)
  • It takes a few hours to reach the USA 

#3: Quebec City 

The culture of Quebec makes this place the best in Canada. Since Quebec has an intense history. So much so that you might think if you are in Canada or France. Here in Quebec, there are many tiny stone shops. The environment is old-fashioned yet charming. When it comes to a recollection of nostalgic areas and all. It is just profound! 

Some areas of Quebec City are declared as the best “world heritage” places. That means Quebec City is well thought for preservation.

The most prominent advantages of living in Quebec City are mentioned below.

  • There is a lot to enjoy 
  • The city is very near to nature 
  • The transportation system is reasonably good 

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