Will Tennyson’s Real Opinion on the One-Armed Row.

If you’re interested in lifting heavy, you’ve probably heard of Will Tennyson. The popular social media influencer has a YouTube channel, merchandise store, and many fans. His advice – to drink a glass of creatine monohydrate before a one-armed row – is spot on. But what’s his real opinion? How can you benefit from his advice? Read on to find out!

Will Tennyson is a social media influencer

Will Tennyson is a Canadian social media influencer and YouTuber who has over a million subscribers. Will shares precise content on YouTube and is the Virgo zodiac sign. He began his YouTube career by sharing his workouts and lifestyle with his fans. He also writes on a variety of fitness and lifestyle topics. He has a unique way of expressing himself and has been a popular YouTuber for over 10 years.

He has a YouTube channel

Will Tennyson is a Canadian YouTuber and social media influencer who has hundreds of thousands of subscribers. Tennyson specializes in lifestyle and fitness videos, and his channel is titled as such. He was born on August 30, 1994 in Toronto, Canada. He has a Virgo astrological sign, and he attended a private school in Toronto. The YouTuber has not released his educational background.

He has a merchandise store

Will Tennyson is one of the most well-known YouTube stars, especially for his food-related videos. His YouTube channel is titled after himself, not his supporters. He was born in Toronto, Canada, and belongs to the Virgo zodiac sign. He is of Canadian descent and attended a private school, although he hasn’t divulged his education background. He has millions of subscribers and has released several books and videos about his experiences in the gym.

He recommends creatine monohydrate for one-armed rows

When it comes to the single-arm row, Will Tennyson likes to maximize the negative part of the movement. For instance, he likes to use the dead-center variation, where he stops the barbell on the ground at the bottom of the movement. This maximizes the stretch reflex and increases the difficulty of the concentric movement. Will Tennyson recommends creatine monohydrate as his supplement of choice for one-armed rows. Though many people take a variety of supplements, he recommends creatine monohydrate as the best one for his routine.

He was overweight as a child

Will Tennyson was overweight as he was growing up. Fortunately for us, his father is a black belt in karate. He also had a great athletic ability. He once narrowly missed the Olympic trials in the 100-metre dash. Despite his achievements, Will Tennyson was still overweight as a child. As a result, he became self-conscious and suffered bullying at school. When he was a teenager, a pizza-shop owner gave him a lollipop, but he turned down the offer. This event changed everything for him, and he decided to lose weight and get fit.

He uses creatine monohydrate to maximize stretch reflex

The stretch reflex is critical in preventing injury. Hence, a fast reaction time of the muscle, called the M1, is essential for injury prevention. To be effective, it needs to be quick, between 30 and 40 milliseconds. The creatine monohydrate that Will Tennyson uses maximizes the stretch reflex in his workouts. This supplement can help you get the same results.

He doesn’t have tattoos

The fitness vlogger has no tattoos. Will Tennyson is 6 feet, one inch tall and weighs 82 kilograms. He has a girlfriend named Katie. He has a pet cat named Ollie. His social media accounts feature photos of his boyfriend and his pet. His Instagram account has over 307k followers. Will Tennyson hasn’t been photographed with tattoos.