Elden Ring: How To Get To Hermit Village

To reach Hermit Village, which is home to some of the most sought-after cheap Elden Ring Runes XBOX in Elden Ring, players will need to navigate their way around almost the entire ravine that is located on Mount Gelmir.

Elden Ring is home to a number of picturesque towns and quaint little settlements, some of which have retained more of their original appearance than others. Do not be fooled by the drab scenery into thinking that the Hermit Village is a deserted ruin just because it is not one of the most picturesque villages in the Elden Ring. The Hermit Village is actually quite inhabited. It’s practically a requirement for players who use sorceries to make a stop here.

The only way to reach the Hermit Village, which is nestled deep within Mount Gelmir, is to follow a winding and difficult route that descends into the mountain’s canyon. It is easy to get lost on the way down there, and there are many dangers to watch out for along the way, including a Runebear that is leveled for Mount Gelmir.

What Can You Expect From the Hermit Village?

To get to Hermit Village, you will need to make your way through Mount Gelmir, and there are many reasons why this is a journey that is well worth taking. Hermit Village is an essential destination for players who focus on the more magical aspects of battle due to the abundance of high-quality sorcery gear that can be found there. The powerful Comet Azur spell is given to the player by Master Sorcerer Azur, who can be found just beyond Hermit Village. This character is essential to the progression of Sellen’s questline. This spell can be cast repeatedly in a beam and, despite the fact that it requires a significant investment of FP, it deals a significant amount of damage.

In addition, the entire Errant Sorcerer set can be discovered here, including the Hierodas Glintstone Crown, which is concealed behind one of the outbuildings. Memory Stones can be obtained by defeating the nearby world boss Demihuman Queen Maggie, and even players who do not specialize in Sorcery have a chance of discovering the fan-favorite Prattling Pate You’re Beautiful in this area. Consumable items, runes, and crafting materials can be found all over Hermit Village, but none of them stand out in particular, especially when compared to the important Elden Ring items and gear that can be found here.

How To Get To Mt Gelmir’s Hermit Village

Start your journey all the way back in the Altus Plateau at the Seethewater River or the Wyndham Catacombs Site of Grace. From there, you can make your way to the Hermit Village. You should be able to see a ravine that winds its way around Volcano Manor on the east and north sides if the map for Mount Gelmir has been unlocked for you. Continue to the north and then to the west along this ravine until you reach the point where you can see Fort Laiedd and the Site of Grace just beyond the end of the ravine. Keep traveling west, and then south, until you reach the area with the Magma Wyrm boss fight.

In order to reach the Hermit’s Shack, you must either vanquish the Magma Wyrm or ride Torrent around it. A Runebear will appear out of nowhere just before the rocky overpass; be wary of it as you make your way eastward under the overpass to reach the Craftsman’s Shack Site of Grace. You should be able to get around it in time to reach the Grace if you move quickly and keep as much distance as you can between you and it. The Hermit Village can be reached by continuing to travel in a northwesterly direction along the path. Note that Azur is not actually located within the village itself; rather, you can find him just around the bend, next to the rock bridge that leads north.

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