Belly Fat vs. Loose Skin- Issues Associated with Them

Belly fat and loose skin are two of the difficulties a lot of people face. While these problems pose different difficulties, they are related in some manner.

Belly fat is caused by residual fat particles stored around the belly that hampers a person’s outlook. On the other hand, loose skin is caused when the natural skin elasticity is compromised.

Both these problems can be handled with red light therapy effectively. Here, we will discuss this in detail.

Belly Fat vs. Loose Skin

Belly fat is one of the prominent problems for a lot of people. When someone eats extra food than their body needs, these food particles are mostly turned into fat and stored around the belly and the hip area.

These fat particles are hard to burn. Additionally, lack of exercise makes these particles more prominent and hard to remove from the body in the long run. Also, excess body fat can cause micro tears in the skin and cause stretch marks.

On the other hand, due to various reasons like aging and losing weight, one may experience loose skin. Here, the skin loses its natural elasticity and can hamper a person’s overall outlook.

In some instances, loose skin may be just a byproduct of excess body fat covered under the skin. These subcutaneous fats are softer and make the skin loose or jiggy. Moreover, major weight loss can also cause loose skin as the skin struggles to regain elasticity.

Body fat can lead a person towards severe health risks, including chronic diseases like diabetes, heart disease, and stroke. At the same time, too much loose skin can make a person feel physical discomfort, resulting in decreased physical activity, poor body image, and breakdown of skin cells.

Several treatments are available to help people with belly fat and loose skin. Among them, red light therapy is a phenomenal non-invasive treatment that can help with body fat and loose skin.

Red Light and NIR Therapy

Red light therapy is one of the brilliant therapies where the healing effects of light are harnessed. In most cases, red light therapy devices offer specific near-infrared light wavelengths for elevated health benefits.

630 -660 nm visible red light wavelengths and 810 -870 nm near-infrared light wavelengths are used for red light therapy. These wavelengths can tackle several health problems, reduce inflammation, and help users to lead healthy lives.

When these therapeutic light wavelengths fall on a user’s body, the body cells start to gather energy from the light. Therefore, the mitochondria in the cells become energized and increase cell metabolism.

Increased metabolism helps perform several body functions properly in addition to repairing damaged cells. Also, due to increased metabolism, blood flow in the body increases. This helps in regulating oxygen and nutrients all over the body.

Moreover, red light therapy helps the body to produce several necessary proteins and hormones to ensure total wellness. When near-infrared light wavelengths are associated with red light therapy, it elevates the therapy experience.

Being in the infrared spectrum, near-infrared wavelengths are bigger and can penetrate deeper into the skin layers and reach muscle and bone cells. It also warms up the body enough to kill harmful bacteria and demolish fat cells.

Overall, red light therapy is the safest and non-invasive treatment for a wide range of health problems.

How does Red Light Therapy help with Loose Skin?

Red light therapy has also proven beneficial in tightening belly skin and regaining skin health. This therapy helps shrink the fat particles to tighten loose skin when paired with near-infrared wavelengths.

Additionally, this therapy stimulates collagen and elastin production in the body. This helps in improving skin structure, elasticity, and strength. Therefore, one can easily avoid skin loosening and skin breaking while restoring skin elasticity.

How Can Red Light Therapy Help with Body Fat?

Red light therapy can significantly help in reducing body fat. When this treatment is administered, the metabolic rate of the user’s body increases. Thus, the body fats can be burned properly, and the user can lose weight.

Due to increased blood circulation, the energies from fat particles can travel well around the body and help users achieve better wellness.

 A 2011 study published in Obesity Surgery concluded that light therapy helps the body release significant hormones that help reduce fat particles. Therefore, one can include red light therapy with their diet and exercise routine to lose body fat.

Moreover, red light therapy helps in producing collagen protein to heal scars and stretch marks caused by excessive body fat. Therefore, one will feel more comfortable with their body image.

Final Words

Many people around the world face body image issues due to excess body fat, loose skin, or both. However, with regular red light therapy, one can easily avoid these issues and can gain confidence in their skin. Red light therapy devices are available to purchase in online stores. There are various different styles of therapy devices to accommodate users’ needs. However, seeking advice from a medical professional is highly recommended before including this excellent therapy in one’s daily routine.