Men’s Denim Trends for The Fall

Men’s Denim, In addition to classic jeans, different types of denim are also popular this season. These include Stonewashed, Straight leg, Skinny, and slim fit. This article will provide information about these styles. You can also read about a few popular fashions that feature denim.

Stonewashed Denim

Stonewashed men’s denim styles are an easy way to wear jeans during winter. They look good in both casual and smart clothing. Moreover, darker blues go well with Oxford shirts and soft tailoring. These denim styles have become increasingly popular in men’s fashion this year. Designers take their inspiration from workwear and sportswear. Due to its robustness and heavy construction, denim was popular with blue-collar workers. As such, they are making a surprising comeback.

Stonewashed jeans are a great way to make your wardrobe look trendy, especially when you want to wear them to the weekend. You can pair these jeans with light colors or neutrals for a classic look.

Straight-Leg Jeans

The straight fit jeans style for men is back in fashion with various colors and washes. The patchwork look is also picking up steam. The younger and older generations are wearing this style casually or tucked in. The straight-leg style is a wardrobe staple for the upcoming season.

Straight-leg jeans work well on most body types. They provide a classic silhouette and give the illusion of longer legs. The straight-leg style also looks great with a high waist. Adding cuffs, raw hems, or darting will help make the look more modern. Straight-leg jeans also work well with a pair of loafers or a blazer.

Slim Fit

For men with an athletic physique, the slim fit is perfect. A tapered hem will balance your frame. If your waist is wider, you can try unflared jeans. On the other hand, if you have wide hips, you should avoid distressed denim with tears on the knees. A classic slim fit will always look classy. The key to a good fit is to know your body type.

Slim-fit jeans will fit well with a tailored shirt and a pair of fashionable shoes for men. They can also be worn with casual outfits, meaning you can wear them almost any way. Another trend that is popular this season is raw denim jackets. These are great investments and will only become more unique as they age.

Skinny Jeans

A pair of men’s skinny jeans are a versatile wardrobe item you can wear year-round. In summer, you can wear them with a light cotton shirt, while in winter, you can wear them with a heavy cable knit sweater and knee-high boots. While black is the classic color of men’s skinny jeans, washed-out versions are also in style this winter.

Men’s skinny jeans are made to be a little tighter than normal jeans, which gives them more shape and texture. If you’re concerned that these jeans may be too tight, get them tailored to fit your body type. Remember that you should always buy a size larger than your usual size.

A man’s body shape is also a major factor when choosing men’s skinny jeans. Slim men should opt for skinny jeans with a broader fit, keeping their figures in proportion. However, men with lean figures can go for more tailored pants. Make sure to roll the hems up a little to balance the fit.

Pleated Jeans

Pleated men’s denim trends for winter are a great way to keep warm. Pleated jeans have an upscale look with two folds of fabric down the leg and a waistband. The pleated design is particularly popular with men who are heavier in the thighs. They can wear pleated trousers with a sport coat that is unbuttoned. A dress shirt with rolled sleeves or an unbuttoned collar can also look great with pleated pants.

For a stylish, eco-friendly style, pleated jeans are a great option for the fall and winter seasons. These denim pieces are made from post-consumer waste and are a sustainable fashion option. Some brands specialize in eco-friendly denim; you can even DIY to create this look yourself!

Pleated jeans are a great way to add a bit of flare to your closet. The flared design is reminiscent of the ’70s and begs to be the focus of attention. If you want to add a little flare to your look, try tucking a shirt into the denim and adding a belt or platform shoes to boost the hourglass shape.


There are different types of men’s jeans to choose from. Each has a different look and will suit different types of men. Try straight-leg pants men who don’t feel comfortable in a wider fit. Embroidered details can add a handmade look to pants. You can add small patches or go for large patches to achieve a different look.