10 best tools for graphic designers

Tools for graphic designers, Whether you are looking for something that could simplify your job as a graphic designer, or you want to find applications that take your creations to the next level, then you have to know which the best tools are for you.

However, there are tons of websites, apps, and software that can be right for your job, and picking the perfect one for your needs could be not an easy feat. So, here you are abrief selection of some of the best tools every graphic designers should have.

1.  Create your web font online

Online graphic designers tools can offer a boost for your job and be an easy solution to improve your creations. If you are designing a website, you have to select web fonts considered essential by Google to obtain a good design, better user experience, and optimal performance. Using a Webfont Generator for this purpose is straightforward: the free online font generator available at Creative Fabrica, for example, turns every .otf or .tff file into a Webfont package in a few minutes. Moreover, if you are looking for inspiration, you can have access to a large library of fonts.

2.  Pixlr, a simple and powerful image editor

Every graphic designer knows Photoshop, the most popular software for design and image editing, used by a wide range of creative professionals for basic tasks and complex photo manipulation.

A valid alternative for photo editing can be Pixlr. This tool supports. PSD files and layers, and it is an affordable choice for basic editing requirements.

3.  Stunning creations for a social network with Canva

Canva is something more than a simple photo editor: you can choose images, fonts, and decorations from a huge library, use filters, frames or stylize your pics to create standout graphics content across every channel, from web pages to social networks. Furthermore, Canva is available for any device, so you can use it for designing on the go.

4.  Add a free watermark to your creations

As a graphic designers, you work on a series of creations such as images, illustrations, logos, etc., many of which end up online on websites and social networks. Thus, it is important to shield your creations and make them unique and recognizable: you can insert a watermark on your images with PicMarkr, a free online tool.

5.  Figma for all kinds of designs

There is no doubt that Figma is one of the top tools in the design world. Easy to use, free, and versatile, this online tool can be used for a variety of creations, from website graphics to UI/UX interfaces, and also includes vector tools for illustration, and supports code generation and live collaboration.

6.  Stock photos and illustrations

Quality stock photos and vectors are a life-saving solution for every graphic designer, particularly if you don’t have enough time to create every element from scratch or if you don’t have the right budget to use real shots. There are free and low-cost stock photos websites, and others that offer a variety of plans and subscriptions to get quality images, icons, and vectors too, such as Getty Images, Shutterstock, or unDraw.

7.  Find the proper icon for every project

Are you working on a project, and you have to find the appropriate icon to make it more attractive? On Icon Finder, you can access a library of high-quality icons for commercial projects in AI and CSH formats.

8.  Krita, a useful tool for comic creators

If comics and paint illustrations are your core business, Krita is one of the best applications to use, offering many templates, stylers, filters, many brushes, and stabilizers for freehand inking. You can work in distraction-free canvas-only mode too.

9.  Find your inspiration with pinay flix TV

pinay flix TV a good source of inspiration could be considered the right tool for good videos. You can look for a sparkling idea by scrolling through design blogs, or you can choose to visit Behance. It is a free platform that combines portfolios with social media, where you can take inspiration from beautiful and unique works of creatives from all over the world.

10. graphic designers Tools to manage your time

To be a graphic designers means to struggle with deadlines and multiple projects. So, whether you are a freelancer or working in a team, it is important to rely on some tools to help you to stay on top of your workloads, such as Trello and Wrike. Both are very intuitive, and you can organize your tasks just by dragging cards for each stage of a project.