Make Money on YouTube as an Artists Fast

YouTube has over 120 million users and over 1 billion video views daily. The platform offers a wide array of content, including music videos and audio content. It sounds like a great place to get money from your music riseing Youtube plays and followers amount. How can you harness Youtube’s potential to help you earn?

This guide is here to answer the question for you. 

4 Ways to Make Money From YouTube

Simply uploading content doesn’t always guarantee you will earn from your uploads. So, here are the four best ways you can make it by uploading YouTube content. 

Monetization Using YouTube Content ID

Your YouTube content ID is a service provided to users and it notifies them whenever their music is featured in someone else’s content. This makes it possible for you to earn from videos that feature your music without having to obtain YouTube’s consent. When you get your YouTube content ID, you also automatically get YouTube music as a requirement from YouTube.

This feature is pretty impressive, but if the content you are trying to use it on is not original (e.g., remastered or remixed content), then it won’t work. You can check YouTube’s terms of service to know what counts as original content. 

YouTube Partner Program

The YouTube Partner Program is a feature on YouTube for eligible artists to earn money based on how engaging their posts are. It allows users with over 1000 subscribers to get paid for posting their content and receiving feedback such as subscriptions, likes, and comments on their posts. 

YouTube’s partner program requires users to have an Adsense account, among other requirements. Although this is a fantastic feature, it comes with the single drawback of not being available in every country. So, before getting excited about utilizing it, you need to check which countries it is available in.

Finally, apart from allowing users to earn from ads, the partner program will also enable users to gain from engagements from premium subscribers and will also provide channel subscription options and one-on-one chats with subscribers. 

The Merch Shelf on YouTube

The YouTube Merch Shelf is a feature of the YouTube studio that allows users to advertise their merchandise on YouTube. Users can view eligible content creators’ merch directly below their videos on YouTube. The feature will enable you to organize and showcase products on your YouTube channel to subscribers, pause product pages for specific videos, etc.

Sponsorship Deals

Sponsorship is a pretty great way to make money on YouTube. You can get brand ambassador deals or offer to advertise for different companies on your channel. Some companies approach content creators that have lots of subscribers. However, you can also approach the companies you’re interested in by yourself. Some sponsorship deals come with perks such as free products, gift cards, etc. Sponsorship deals can also be extended or short-term, depending on the company’s needs. You can also check out YouTube brand connect to get connected to sponsors.

There are many options to choose from when it comes to earning with YouTube. If you find it challenging to choose one method, you can choose several of them and try them out.