Top 10 Qualities of Good Grill That You Need to Know

Choosing a grill isn’t easy. The buyer is spending their money on an appliance they will use frequently. How can they ensure they are getting their money’s worth? Look for the following qualities in a grill before making a purchase for the best outcome. 

Grill Construction 

Grill masters debate which construction material is best for a grill. Most people feel a stainless steel grill that is seamlessly constructed is better than a painted steel cart. Look for those grills with welded joints rather than ones that are assembled using nuts and bolts. 

However, regardless of the material, what truly matters is how sturdy the grill is. Nobody wants to have a meal ruined because a part of the grill broke as they were cooking. Jostle the assembled grill to see if anything feels wobbly.

If the grill wobbles, move on to the next model. A stable grill is needed to prevent injuries. Finally, see if the grill comes with wheels or casters to make moving the unit easier. Compare the various models at to see the different construction options offered today. 

The Durability of the Grill

In addition to the construction of the grill, a person needs to consider its durability. Will the grill hold up with time? Many factors determine how well a grill will withstand frequent use and the elements. 

The materials used when constructing the grill are only one factor that needs consideration. A grill made with thin stainless steel walls won’t hold up as well as one with thicker walls made from the same material. Examine the parts to see if they are cheaply made or of high quality. 

Brand Name

Consider the brand name of the grill. A person should not buy a grill based on the brand alone just to keep up with their neighbors. However, advantages come with buying from a well-known manufacturer. 

Parts are easier to come by when a grill is made by a big company. Customer service departments in these organizations are often better trained, so a customer spends less time getting a problem resolved and more time enjoying their grill. The owner will also have more options when the time comes to have the grill repaired. 

Grill Size

The buyer must ensure the grill will fit in the desired location. Grills vary greatly in terms of size and shape. Never overlook this factor when choosing which model to buy. 

Arrive at the store or shop online with the measurements on hand. In addition, ensure there is enough clearance to open the lid. If the grill will be stored when not in use, make certain it will fit in the desired storage location, as well. 

Surface Area for Cooking

Grill manufacturers measure the total cooking area in square inches. However, when doing so, they typically include the surface area of the warming rack and cooktop areas in this figure. 

To get an accurate representation of how much can be cooked at one time, learn the size of the primary grill grate. Never choose a primary grill gate that is under 450 square inches, as this size will accommodate approximately 20 hamburgers at the same time. 

Fuel Options

A person can choose from several fuel sources for their new grill. Charcoal and hardwood lump charcoal are two options to consider. However, many people prefer a gas grill today, one that uses either propane or natural gas. 

Wood and wood pellets serve as two additional options, although they aren’t as common as other types. For those with limited space, an electric grill may be the ideal choice. These devices take up little room, making them perfect for balconies and other outdoor living areas where space is at a premium. 

Evenness of Heat

When comparing grills, look at how evenly the grill heats. This is of importance when cooking for multiple people. A person doesn’t want to find half of the hamburgers cooked and the other half remain raw, even though they were all placed on the grill and removed at the same time. 

Read expert reviews of various grills to learn this information. In addition, read reviews from regular users to learn what they have to say about the evenness of the temperature across the grill. By examining both, a person gets an accurate representation of this aspect of each grill. 

The Price of the Grill

A consumer should never choose which grill to purchase based solely on price. Although the cost of a unit plays a price in the decision, it should not be the sole factor. Some models are priced at less than $100, while others can run $10,000 or more. 

Compare other factors first to narrow down the available choices. Once it has been determined which models are suitable for the grill master’s needs, begin looking at prices.

Although a person might find they need to wait longer to purchase a grill because the desired model is out of their budget, doing so is worth it. This ensures they get a grill that meets their needs in every way. 

Grill Features

Manufacturers offer numerous features today a person may want when buying a grill. However, the type of grill desired plays a role in what features will be offered.

For example, gas grills today may come with side burners, a smoker box, or multiple cooking levels. Other grills can be used as outdoor smokers, grills, and ovens. Know which features are desired before shopping for a grill to make narrowing the choices easier. 

Temperature Control

Many foods must reach a certain temperature before they are safe for humans to eat. When grilling, a person might find they must continuously check the food to ensure it has reached this temperature without being overcooked. Many grills today come with a temperature control feature to make it easier to know when foods are cooked. 

However, not all grills have this feature. Consider this when making a purchase and determine whether a built-in thermometer is needed. Many people will find it is, but others discover this isn’t necessary for their grilling enjoyment. 

Consider all the above when purchasing a new grill. Individuals who do so find they get a model that meets their needs and allows them to cook the meals they desire.

Don’t rush the process of choosing a grill. This should not be an impulse purchase. Foods are meant to be enjoyed, and the right appliance for the grill master will ensure they are.