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Quality Manager – work from home 

Are you looking for a job that will bring you some extra money and won’t interfere with your life a lot? If yes, you should look through the at-home packing jobs. This is your possibility to become a part of a growing shipping industry that will remain relevant as the importance of international deliveries is increasing. But where can you find packing jobs from home?

One of the options is to apply for the quality manager vacancy opened in Uss-Express. Uss-Express LLC is an international logistic and shipping company where you can develop your career as a remote quality manager. In this review, we will try to display all the benefits and drawbacks of this employment. You will also learn about the functions of a quality manager and the procedure of applying for this job. Let’s start!

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Quality manager position at the best company – Uss Express 2

What are the reasons to apply? 

If you want to work from home packing and shipping goods at Uss-Express, consider that money isn’t the only advantage of this job. What are the other benefits? Here they come:

  • the new experience in processing orders with big retail companies:
  • stable income:
  • you will have the possibility to learn specific skills during special training sessions;
  • you will be taught how to pack different items effectively;
  • you will receive financial bonuses for showing stable and efficient performance;
  • you can work from home, meaning you don’t need to look for the office or the warehouse of the company in your city;

Of course, shipping jobs from home might come with additional difficulties, depending on the workplace and the type of occupation. It might be difficult to process all the orders on time or meet the specific requirements of the customer. Whatever you find negative, we think that the reasons to apply are more significant.

The main tasks of a remote quality manager position

If you have experience in any packing from home jobs, the quality manager job at Uss-Express won’t be difficult for you. At such a packing job at home, you have to report to your management about the execution of 4 basic tasks: 

  • receiving goods; 
  • checking the condition of items; 
  • packing inventory in branded boxes; 
  • sending parcels to customers.

Reviews about the company’s reputation on verified reviewers

  1. “I’ve been working for Uss-Express as a quality manager for almost 2 years now and the most important thing I’d like to point out is that this remote job was like a rescue for me during the first serious lockdown.” – Richard Walker on Trustpilot.
  2. “This was my first experience of working from home, working in the company for a little over one year. My responsibilities included receiving goods, checking their condition, packing them in branded boxes and sending them to customers. The company has very strict rules for the confidentiality of personal data. They also require you to constantly be in touch. I always received my salary on time, there were no problems with that. In general, the work is good, but not interesting and there is no development prospects. Recommended for those who want to work from home.” – a quality manager on Indeed.
  3. “The organization is respectable; I used to work in the company that I was required to work from home to receive and check the goods purchased from online vendors. I appreciate the work in this business, since the money was usually paid on time” – Steven Barnett on AmbitionBox.
  4. “I didn’t have any experience in working in any field, in which Uss-Express is oriented, when I sent my job application. With clear instructions from my management, I understood how I should work as a quality manager, although till today I have some issues because of the intense workflow…” – current employee on Glassdoor.
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Quality manager position at the best company – Uss Express 4

It takes less than one minute to apply!

Now, after reading this review about the Uss-Express employer, do you really want to work from home shipping packages? We guess that you saw more positive reasons than negative ones. That’s why we recommend you to leave your contact data in the special form on the website. Don’t send your resume or other documents, the employer will contact you for a job interview if you meet the necessary requirements.

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