Breakdowns of washing machines – TOP malfunctions

With the advent of washing machines, they immediately became fashionable and underwent radical progress. Over the past few years, this equipment has changed beyond recognition. If few people remember the first models of refrigerators and microwaves, many people know the primary variation of the washing machine. Over time, several typical problems have appeared that can make themselves felt during operation. No matter how expensive the modification is installed in your home, if it breaks down, you will need to repair the washing machine, which is best ordered at a service center. Often, the manual has everything described in detail about error code and troubleshooting, but it’s not always possible to fix everything yourself.

The most common washing machine breakdowns

Modern modifications of washing machines are made reliable and with a long service life. Under conditions of proper operation, such equipment can operate for 10 years or more without causing any inconvenience to its user. But there are times when, subject to the rules and standards, the washing machine breaks down. This can be facilitated by:

• poor quality service;

• bad assembly;

• regular use at maximum settings;

• frequent power outages.

An important fact is the installation of the washing machine, which must be carried out correctly. It is considered as such only if the equipment in working and non-working condition is level, stable and does not move. To determine the breakdown in modern washing machines, the error code is displayed.

Drain pump broken

This malfunction most often appears due to a breakdown of the pump motor. But foreign objects entering the pump can lead to clogging. In this case, debris blocks the work of the part, leading to breakage of the impeller. To prevent this from happening, experts recommend maintaining your equipment in a timely manner. More about the problem: The washing machine does not drain water.

Control unit not working

This assembly element is considered the “brain”, which is responsible for the entire functional side: from switching on to an emergency stop of the washing process. It consists of microcircuits that are highly sensitive to sudden changes in electricity and moisture. Under the influence of undesirable factors, component microcircuits, capacitors, relays, triacs, tracks burn out. The problem is solved by calling the master to the house. He will identify the problem and professionally fix it by replacing non-working parts with new ones.

Heating element not working

Scale is the main enemy of heating elements of modern washing machines. If your house has poor quality water, you need to service the equipment every 2-3 months using special tools. In the absence of cleaning, plaque accumulates on the heating element, which increases the effort exerted by the equipment to heat the water. As a result, the heating element burns out and needs to be completely replaced. More about the problem: Washing machine does not heat water.

Drive belt stretched or broken

This problem occurs during extended use when the drive belt has reached the end of its life. You can diagnose a malfunction according to several criteria:

• the machine does not wring out;

• water is collected and drained, but the drum does not spin;

• the motor is humming.

The problem is solved by calling the master to the house and completely replacing the drive belt with a new one. Fixing the old one is impossible.

Lid won’t close

This problem manifests itself due to a failure in the stable operation of the device. When the lid is closed, the thermal tablet does not perform its function properly. Because of this, the door does not fit snugly against the body, and at the end of the washing process it may not open. The malfunction is eliminated by replacing the device responsible for closing the hatch door.

The machine does not fill with water

The cause of this malfunction is the breakdown that occurred in the filling valve. It consists of an electric coil and a membrane. When one of the elements fails, water is not collected at all or only during the spin cycle. The problem is solved by replacing the filling valve.