Instructions for Orbi outdoor satellite setup with an Orbi router

The Orbi outdoor kit allows you to bring WiFi to previously inaccessible areas of your property. The outdoor satellite uses a different mode than the indoor satellite, which is causing issues. You can’t just plug it into your existing Orbi network and expect it to work. you can’t just add the outdoor satellite to an existing indoor network; you have to set up a new outdoor network and integrate the satellite into it as an Orbi device.

The most frequently asked question about using the Orbi satellite system in the great outdoors. If you have any questions about the Orbi outdoor satellite setup, you’ll find the answers in this manual.

How to do Orbi outdoor satellite setup?

It is recommended that you initially position the satellite directly next to your router. Once the satellite is operational, it can be moved to a new location. To set up the device, follow these instructions:

Turn it on

The first step in getting it to work is plugging the power adapter into the back of the device. If the backlight doesn’t stay green, you can give it a single prod.

Verify the mode

A satellite installed in the open air must be in the proper mode before it can be connected to an Orbi network. The top will turn completely white when it has finished booting up properly and is now functioning in Orbi mode. The blue light coming from the top of the unit indicates that switching from repeater mode to Orbi mode is required.

Start the sync process

After confirming the mode of operation, you can gain some breathing room by depressing the sync button. Within that time frame, you must push the sync button located on the back of the main unit to complete the synchronization.

Turn it off

Following confirmation of proper synchronization, the device may be turned off. The device can be turned off by detaching the power cord from the wall and pressing the power button.


It’s simple to find a spot where the device can provide maximum coverage. There are LED patterns on the unit’s top that can assist you.

Note: you can also utilize the page to sync the outdoor satellite with the Orbi router.

Satellite LED’s behavior:

Assuming you have successfully moved the satellite to its new location, you can turn it on by plugging its power cord into an electrical outlet and pressing the power button. The unit is trying to connect to your wireless network if the white light on top of it blinks. At some point, one of the lights at the top of the device will light up to indicate the status of the connection:


There is nonstop communication between the two units. For a while, a cyan light will shine brightly on top before gradually going out.


If your connection is only “fair”, moving the satellite closer to the router may help. The top will emit a brief amber glow before going out.


There was an issue with the communication protocol if the top light is glowing magenta. After moving the satellite closer to the router, you can give it another go. The top will continue to radiate a magenta hue unless the problem is fixed.

Changing Orbi to repeater mode

In its first configuration, the RBS50Y outdoor satellite will function in Orbi mode. After a first boot, if the top is still blue, it is in repeater mode. Additionally, a satellite operating in repeater mode cannot be connected to an Orbi router. Please follow the below instructions to enable Orbi mode on an external satellite:

Plug it into a power outlet

You can plug the satellite into an electrical socket before turning it on. To turn off the entire unit if the backlight is on, press the power button.

Push down the sync

Hold the sync button and turn it on by pressing the power button. Syncing will begin as soon as possible, so please be patient.

Allow it to boot

Before the satellite is turned on, it will not be able to do its job. When the top begins pulsating white and cyan, release the sync key.

Verify the operational mode

The satellite is in proper working order and Orbi mode when the top begins to glow a bright white light. The process must be redone if the light has not changed. If you follow the steps above, your Orbi RBS50Y will become a satellite that can be used in conjunction with another Orbi router.


You must now be able to extend your current WiFi setup to the outdoors using the Orbi outdoor satellite. No matter what router you’re using it’s compatible. After reading this post, do you still require assistance with setting up the outdoor satellite? Please reach out to our online community for help.