Is Houston Better Than Atlanta?

Houston and Atlanta are the two metropolitans that offer pleasant climates, employment, and leisure opportunities. Furthermore, the pricing of living in both cities is comparable and affordable. So, if you’re thinking of moving to either of these cities and want to know Is Houston better than Atlanta? Stick with us as we draw a comprehensive comparison between both cities.

#1: Diversity of Population

The diversity of the population allows residents to intermingle with different cultures and learn new things that can be great for professional and personal growth. Potential residents who prioritize diversity would find Houston much better as it is the most diverse city in the United States, even more than New York. The city is home to a significant population of Spanish, Vietnamese, Pakistani, and Indian communities. The diversity brings a lot of cultural festivals, delicious cuisines, and ideas that are not native to the United States.

#2: Cuisine

Foodies would also find Houston better compared to Atlanta which is mainly because of the cultural diversity. Residents can dine in some of the fine restaurants and enjoy some of the most delicious cuisines in the world. The city offers everything from Southern comfort food to authentic Indian, Vietnamese, and Mexican cuisine. You do not have to dine in expensive restaurants to get a taste of these dishes, there are plenty of food trucks that allow residents to feast without breaking the bank.

#3: Job Opportunities

As metropolitan, both Atlanta and Houston offer plenty of job opportunities but cater to different professions. The energy, aerospace, and medical industry in Houston is booming which provides a large number of job opportunities to professionals in these fields. Furthermore, Houston is home to the world’s largest medical center. It does not just mean better healthcare but also more opportunities for professionals in medical professions. The medical center is stretched over a two-square-mile area and houses 61 institutions that regularly advertise for the jobs. 

#4: Houston Residents Are Not Subjected to State Tax

One of the reasons that make Houston such an affordable place to live is that it does not impose state taxes on the residents. Other states in the US can tax the residents as high as 9%. You’re essentially saving that 9% by living in Houston. Furthermore, the low taxes allow other small businesses like retail stores, restaurants, and grocery markets to price their products at better rates. It brings the overall cost of living down in the city.

#5: Affordability of Housing Market

The housing market of Houston is affordable compared to other cities in the US. You have better chances of building or purchasing a home in Houston than in most of the other metropolitan cities in the US. Furthermore, combine it with the low cost of living and you will realize that saving for a house is much easier in this city. The median price in Houston is around $267,000 and the average salary is about $64,000. So, it would not take much time to save and purchase the house of your dreams.