Which City Is Better Calgary or Toronto?

Calgary is better than Toronto or not? Well, both are beautiful with some unique features. To know which is the best place to live, you have to be sure about your preferences. Then only, you can pick which is better, Calgary or Toronto. 

Considerations While Choosing Calgary or Toronto 

1: Living Overheads & Expenses 

Calgary is quite affordable compared to Toronto. It is not that Toronto is not good, but to live there you must have a lot of money. When it comes to wages, they are more than Toronto – something that makes Calgary inexpensive. 

Also, when and if we talk about real estate, the prices are 51.66% more in Toronto. Restaurants are 3.18% higher in Toronto, and consumer price is 1.79% more in Toronto. 

So, in case you want to live a standard lifestyle that is not much expensive, Calgary should be your choice. 

#2: Weather Conditions 

Did you know Calgary is situated in the prairie, grassland region? That’s the reason why there is more sun. In fact, it will not be wrong to say that Calgary experiences more sunlight than other parts of Canada. But when we talk about the crazy, scary, long nights of winters. Calgary just leaves you flabbergasted. In winter the temperature drops down to -12 Celsius. However, winters have sunny afternoons. Thus, the weather changes without any warning. 

Everything is different in terms of weather in Toronto. It is more toward milder temperature which keeps the city warmer. There is a lot of rainfall too. However, winters are colder but not like in Calgary. Interestingly, you can enjoy all four seasons. 

#3: Recreational Activities 

If you are a person who likes and enjoys time in outdoor recreational activities. Then Calgary is the place that will give tons of such opportunities. It is because Calgary is very near to the Rockies and many activities can be carried out in such a place. What can it include? Well, hiking, camping, and biking in the mountains are some to mention. 

Toronto is equally good in terms of recreational activities. It has Lake Ontario, many natural sights, and the famous Niagara Falls. They’re a little over 1400 parks too. 

#4: Safety and Security 

There are many friendly neighborhoods in both Toronto and Calgary. Amenities, parks, and schools are found in both these cities. However, overall safety and security in Toronto are more than in Calgary. Even the crime rate in Calgary is 22% lower than the entire Canada. But if Toronto seems a better place to live in Canada, you must forget about safety and security. So, in case you are bringing a family to Calgary, it will be the best stay in terms of safety. 

Last Words: Which is Better Calgary or Toronto? 

Both cities offer excellent neighborhoods with a friendly atmosphere. But when it comes to security, Calgary is a better place. Likewise, when we talk about recreational activities, both cities offer amazing entertainment opportunities. If you want to decide on an economical lifestyle, then Calgary wins the comparison.