Top 5 hardware wallets to store crypto safely

There are many ways to protect your crypto assets from possible encroachment. These methods differ in the degree of security, method and ease of use. However, according to the statistics of cryptocurrency theft in cyberspace, hardware crypto wallets are leading in terms of security. If you are building a long-term investment strategy based on Dash price prediction 2030, it is important that assets are protected for the long term.

What is a hardware wallet

This name unites portable storage devices for cold storage of digital assets. More precisely, private keys and other information for accessing the coins assigned to this wallet.

A common feature of such devices is the lack of a permanent connection to the Internet. That is, they are practically invulnerable to remote attacks. However, they are physically vulnerable. The device can be lost or damaged or stolen. Therefore, placing it in a safe or safe deposit box is a perfectly reasonable precaution.

For the wallet to interact with the blockchain, you need to connect to a device with access to the Internet and special software. Transactions are formed offline and only their signature is transmitted to the network.

All these devices perform the same tasks, but differ in individual parameters and functionality. Most hardware wallets are equipped with an information screen to display the necessary information and physical buttons for entering a PIN code and confirming the actions performed.

Pros and cons of hardware wallets

The strongest side of devices for storing cryptocurrencies is their high security against cyber threats. But their benefits don’t stop there.

  • Almost all hardware wallets are multi-currency.
  • Offline transaction signing is available.
  • No need to download blockchain history. All data for accessing assets is stored locally on one device.

The main disadvantage of hardware wallets is usually called their rather high cost. The most budget models cost about $50, while software wallets are freely available.

The risk of physical loss of the device for one reason or another is also not excluded. However, manufacturers took this into account and provided for the possibility of restoring access using a seed phrase.

The complexity and duration of transferring funds from a hardware wallet is a rather relative drawback. Holding assets for several years, waiting for the implementation of the optimistic scenario of Polkadot price prediction 2030, the investor is unlikely to be too worried about the non-instantaneous processing of the transaction. For trading and other activities where speed is important, you just need a hot wallet.

The best hardware crypto wallets

Trezor Model T

Trezor became the world’s first manufacturer of hardware crypto wallets and is still considered one of the best. The Trezor Model T has a touch screen for viewing balance and other information. There are no physical buttons. There is a function of remote data destruction in case of loss of the device, interaction with desktop wallets and crypto exchanges, internal exchange of cryptocurrencies and the purchase of digital assets for fiat.

To connect to devices with Internet access, use a micro-USB cable. The device is not compatible with the iPhone and is quite expensive.

Ledger Nano X

Ledger Nano X is slightly cheaper than Trezor Model T. The wallet is compatible with different mobile devices and interacts with a large number of applications. It supports the internal exchange of assets, but does not provide for a direct purchase for fiat money.

Ledger Nano X is more compact, but this is not a definite plus, since it will be more difficult to interact with the device.

SafePal S1

SafePal S1 is a fairly budget wallet compared to the market leaders, but does not support some popular coins. It was created to interact with DeFi and surpasses many other models in this parameter.

SafePal S1 works completely autonomously, QR codes are used to communicate with other devices and transfer information. In case of a hacking attempt, a mechanism for self-destruction of information is provided.


NGRAVE ZERO is positioned as one of the most secure wallets on the market. Only one-sided QR codes are used to interact with the device. The device comes with a steel card for recording the recovery phrase.

NGRAVE ZERO supports all cryptocurrencies, thanks to the large touch screen, it is convenient to work with it. However, ZERO costs more than $400 and this does not contribute to its mass distribution.


KeepKey is not inferior in security to its more popular competitors. The front side of the device is completely occupied by the touch screen, which greatly simplifies navigation. There is a button to confirm transactions. The wallet interacts with the network through a special browser extension.

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