10 Tactics to Boost Organic Social Media Reach for Your Small Business

Social media reach is a social media marketing term referring to the number of people who discover your posted content on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Small businesses can find plenty of opportunities to target and attract consumers on social media platforms. In fact, some small businesses even use their social media profiles as their primary websites because of the SEO value associated with major social media networks.

However, if you’re competing against other small businesses on social media networks, you need more organic social media reach than your competition on the platforms. The best way to achieve this reach is through effective social media management.

The Top 10 Tactics for Boosting Your Company’s Organic Social Media Reach

A digital marketing agency is best-equipped to help you gain more organic social media reach for your small business website. However, you can still take it upon yourself to try these ten tactics to help boost your company’s organic social media reach. Then if you need further assistance, you can hire the agency if necessary.

1) Understand Your Audience

The key to running a successful small business is understanding your target audience. In other words, which consumer demographic will likely purchase your products or services? If you can figure out the answer to that question, it’ll be much easier to attract the right audience on social media.

2) Publish Attractive Content

Don’t flood your social media profile with 100% text-based content. People have short attention spans, so you must give them something attractive to see and engage with on your profile.

Pictures and videos are undoubtedly the most popular option. But try to post entertaining media content, such as funny meme pictures or educational tutorial videos related to whatever you sell. Then you can significantly increase social media engagement on your profile.

3) Insert Good Hashtags

Social media platforms use hashtags as the equivalent of search engine keywords. Hashtags can help social media users discover your content within the social media networks if they search for posts with the specific hashtags you have set for them. Using popular or specific hashtags may help you attract the right audience to your posts.

4) Post Consistently

Keep posting content on your social media profiles consistently. Your followers want to know you haven’t abandoned them, so they expect to see new content on your profiles at least once daily or every other day. Otherwise, they may want to unfollow you if you go longer than a week without posting anything.

5) Stick to a Common Theme

Don’t forget your social media profiles are supposed to reflect the theme of your small business. That is why your profile homepages and posts should have your company’s brand, color scheme, and logo. Then people can immediately recognize the posts as being associated with your business.

6) Review Your Analytics / Statistics

Social media networks allow content creators to access analytical information regarding their social media traffic. Use the analytical tools to determine which posts are the most popular and which time of day is the most popular time people like to engage with your content. Based on this information, you can create better content and post it at the best time of the day when people will engage with it more.

7) Add Links

Whenever you create posted content on your social media profiles, use it as an opportunity to publish SEO backlinks to your website. Social media networks already have a high ranking, so posting your website’s URL address is an easy way to create a high-quality backlink for your website. Then you can increase the search engine ranking of your website.

8) Cross Promotions

Do you operate multiple social media profiles? If so, you could cross-promote the content on each social media profile.

For instance, if you post new content on Twitter, you could post an embedded version of the content on Facebook or vice versa. Either that or you could post a link to the content to share it with your followers on other platforms.

9) Hire an Influencer

An influencer is a social media user with several followers on their profile. They sell a service to promote your content on their popular profile for a fee. Some influencers with only a few thousand followers offer a cheaper service than those with millions of followers. Just make sure you choose an influencer in a similar industry as your company.

10) Engage Your Followers and Viewers

Do people submit comments on your social media posts? If so, you should reply to their comments and show them that an actual person is managing the profile. They will appreciate the personal engagement and will take your content more seriously in the future.

WGNR Can Help

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