Revamping a Room: What are Your First Steps?

Revamping a room sounds like a lot of hard work. However, when you know what you are doing, it’s one of the easiest tasks to complete. All you have to do is have a plan of how you would want your room to look before you tear it down and start revamping. When you set a goal everything else falls into place.

It’s likely you’re already looking at sites, creating mood boards, and gathering ideas for your overall vision. Some will start with the floor – assessing the tones, textures, and colours at stores like; some will start with the wall – finding a colour palette to build furnishings and flooring around. Irrespective, developing that vision, and fleshing it out is a good place to start before beginning the revamp, of course. No doubt your vision will adapt as you go – when the walls are bare, when the flooring is up, when all the furniture is out, and you can truly assess the space from square one.

From here, though, it becomes a process of understanding how you’ll begin stepping towards completing your vision. Here are the first steps to turning your room into a masterpiece every time you revamp it for a refreshing look.

Have a plan

As mentioned above, you need an idea of what you’re aiming toward. You’ll get stuck midway if you don’t have a plan of how you want your room to be after revamping. During this step look at pictures of furniture, art, rugs, and other accessories you would want in the room. Something as simple as looking at photos or visiting showrooms will inspire you. But be prepared to adapt as you go. It’s normal for your vision to evolve as the process unfolds as you face unforeseen challenges.


When you revamp your room, you should be willing to let go of some of the items that you’re not using anymore. Look around the room and find everything that you have not used in a while or items that have since come out of fashion. Put all these items in one box and take them out of the room.


It’s now time to start the renovation process. Remember that plan you made? It’s time to implement it. If you prefer to do a complete overhaul of your room, take everything outside. You will have the space to fit your new furniture and accessories.

Also, remember to begin with the ceiling, move to the walls, and then finish with the floor. You don’t want anything falling on your beautiful flooring and ruining it before you finish restoring the room.

Final thoughts

You can revamp any of the rooms in your house to suit your taste and preference. However, before you start any project, be sure to have the end in mind. Have a goal and a plan to implement. Next, declutter the room and remove everything that you stopped using. Finally, implement the plan. Renovate your room from the ceiling to the walls, and finish with the floor.