What are the reasons to hire a car accident lawyer?

Car accidents happen for plenty of reasons. But whatever the reason, they have devastating mental and physical consequences. Depending on the intensity of the crash or collision, an automobile accident can cause traumatic brain injury, burns, fractured pelvis, paralysis, broken bones, disfigured face, and internal injuries. 

Quite often, the accident might be caused due to someone else’s negligence. For instance, the other driver might have been careless, negligent in observing the safety principles, or worse, under the influence of alcohol while driving. You must seek compensation and recover damages in such cases.

But why hire a car accident lawyer for personal injury cases? Well, there are plenty of reasons behind that. For instance, such cases are highly complicated, requiring you to prove the liability and fault of the other party before you can recover damages. 

Moreover, if the accident leaves you with severe injuries, your attorney will recommend a good doctor and ensure you receive the required medical treatment. But what other ways can they help you, and why should you consider hiring one? Read on to find out.

Advantages of hiring a lawyer

As mentioned above, there are several advantages to hiring a car accident lawyer. These are some of those.

Filing a claim

After being injured in an automobile accident, you must file a claim with the insurance company. You must send a demand package containing the medical bills, reports, and other relevant documents containing the case details to an insurance adjuster. 

Rather than doing it yourself, you can have your lawyer do it for you. They will ensure the insurance adjuster receives the necessary documents and hold further negotiations on your behalf. Your attorney will also obtain any missing medical records that might be useful to the adjuster.

Observing the Statute of Limitations

Most personal injury cases, including car accidents, have a period within which you should claim compensation. The court might extend the deadline under particular circumstances, but generally, it follows the stipulated time frame strictly.

Your attorney will ensure that they file the suit within the stipulated time from the date of the accident and ensure you receive compensation.

Negotiate with the insurance company

You should avoid speaking with the insurance company. Instead, you should let your attorney handle the discussions and negotiations on your behalf. The reason is that most insurance companies seek to offer you a compensation amount well below the actual damage. 

File a lawsuit if required

The insurance adjuster has the right to accept or deny the liability after reviewing the demand package. If they accept liability, they will offer a settlement amount which is usually low in most cases. 

Your lawyer will negotiate with the adjuster until both parties can reach a fair settlement. However, in the event of a stalemate, your attorney will file a lawsuit in the circuit or district court demanding a fair compensation amount. 

Help you decide the settlement amount

You might not know the exact compensation amount you should demand after an accident. Your lawyer will help you decide on a settlement amount while considering various aspects like the duration of the injury, injury mechanism, time lost from work, or the driver’s credibility. 

Even though the amount estimated by your lawyer will be a guess at best, it will help you understand what to expect from the process. 

Why hire a car accident lawyer? These are some reasons. Such cases are highly complicated and involve several negotiations, filing lawsuits, gathering evidence, and proving the other party’s liability. These can only be handled by a professional with legal experience and expertise, like your lawyer.