Commercial Hard Money Loans In Des Moines

Finding a good commercial hard money lender is vital to your investing success. Choosing the wrong one could cost you thousands of dollars in interest. A good one, however, can help your business increase its purchasing power and scale faster. Here are some things to keep in mind when choosing a hard money lender.

Low interest rates

When it comes to Commercial Hard Money Loans In Des Moines, hard money loans in Des Moines have some advantages over traditional loans. These types of loans typically come with a lower interest rate, and the loans can be paid off faster. Moreover, these loans usually have shorter terms than traditional loans, which can take up to five years.

Hard money lenders can help investors with their real estate investments because they know the market and the neighborhoods of the area. This helps you increase the loan approval chances and speed up the funding process.

Short term

If you are considering a short-term commercial real estate loan, there are several different types of financing options available. One option is a private money lender. These types of loans have a lower interest rate than traditional loans, and they don’t require the use of your social security number or sensitive financial information.

Another option is a bridge loan. Bridge loans provide short-term capital from a private lender, usually for one year. Ideally, this short-term financing will be followed by a long-term financing plan. In exchange for the short-term funds, the participating mortgageholder pays the lender a percentage of the revenue from the business or real estate, as well as principal and interest payments. While a bridge loan may seem attractive, it is a temporary solution.

Value added projects

When looking for a commercial hard money loan in Des Moines, Iowa, there are several options. There are several private money lenders in the area, and some national lenders also lend in the city. The rates on hard money loans in Des Moines are typically around 10%, and the origination fees are generally between two and four percent of the total loan amount. One of the best places to find a commercial hard money loan in Des Moies is through Diversified Commercial Funding. This lender has great rates, fast closings, and good terms.

This type of loan offers investors a flexible way to finance their value-added projects, with low interest rates. Moreover, it allows entrepreneurs to access capital for their real estate projects without requiring much expertise. In other words, it’s a smart investment choice if you’re looking to expand your business into a value-added project.


When refinancing a commercial hard money loan, make sure to consider the interest rates and terms of the loan. You should also pay attention to the median listing price. This can give you an idea of whether the market is a seller’s or buyer’s market.

In order to qualify for a hard money loan, you need to meet certain requirements. For example, you should have at least 30% of the loan amount as a down payment. In the case of a refinance, you should aim for a 65% loan to value. You should also have a good credit score, but this depends on each lender.


Whether you’re buying a commercial property or renovating an existing one, a commercial hard money loan in Des Moines can provide you with the financing you need. These loans are typically issued by reputable hard money lenders. In Des Moines, there are several hard money lenders who offer these loans. In addition to local lenders, you can also turn to national and private money lenders.

Before applying for a commercial hard money loan in Des Moines, you should check the market. Check the median listing prices in your chosen neighborhood to determine the current demand. If the median listing price is declining, then the market is becoming more competitive.


If you are a Des Moines, BridgeWell Capital , you may have wondered how to qualify for commercial hard money loans. These types of short-term loans are a good solution for many investors who do not qualify for traditional loans and are looking for a fast closing. Generally, hard money loans are made for less than a year, but some lenders provide longer-term loans. These types of loans are accessed by investors in the real estate industry and require a personal guarantee of repayment.

First, you must have a property in mind for which you wish to borrow the money. The property must be located in a market where the lender is willing to lend, and it must fit the criteria of a viable investment. Secondly, you must submit financial documentation to show that you can afford the loan.