3 Best Resmed BiPAP Machines to consider: Price and Features

ResMed has cutting-edge treatments for respiratory issues including COPD and sleep apnea to help patients live better lives. ResMed, a pioneer in sleep technology with Australian roots, dominates the world market. ResMed offers CPAP and BiPAP devices to treat obstructive sleep apnea, snoring, hypertension, and respiratory problems.

Resmed BiPAP machines not only have good brand value but highly innovative features and better design as well. Resmed BiPAP machines cost around 40,000 Rs. – 1 Lakh Rs. in India. 

The health of the user depends on getting the correct BiPAP equipment, yet buying one can be stressful and perplexing due to its high cost and complexity. Additionally, there are a few BiPAP devices available that excel over the competition.

Here is the list of the three best Resmed BiPAP machines that provide the best BiPAP therapy to the user. 

  1. Resmed AirCurve 10 ST

Patients with OSA-Obstructive Sleep Apnea are supposed to utilize the AirCurve 10 ST, which is approved for both home usage and hospital use. The machine comes in the price range of 69,000 – 71,000 Rs. 

Due to its built-in backup rate, the BiLevel AirCurve 10 ST provides excellent patient-ventilator synchronization. For patients who require exceptionally dependable, non-invasive ventilation at home or in a hospital setting, the device is the ideal option. The AirCurve 10ST is outfitted with all the most cutting-edge technological features to guarantee that patients breathe freely and comfortably over the course of their treatment.

With the use of the unique function known as TiControl, a medical professional may specify the minimum and maximum durations for the inspiration phase. Early or late cycling is a common complication of pressure support ventilation in individuals with more severe respiratory conditions. Ti Control prevents early and/or late cycling, allowing patients to breathe comfortably throughout their prescribed treatment.

The AirCurve 10 ST’s new HumidAir heated humidifier is less in size than the humidifiers in earlier ResMed models. This reduces the size and portability of your complete computer. You still have the choice of completely disconnecting the humidifier from the apparatus or not filling the water chamber for patients who don’t typically need hot humidification.

The machine will supply cozy humidity and temperature conditions exactly at the mask throughout therapy. The ClimateLineAir heated tube system and the built-in HumidAir humidifier system make up Climate Control. Climate Control is an intelligent function that can adjust to the humidity and temperature levels present in the space where the device is being used. In order to provide maximum breathing comfort during the course of the treatment, the system will supply the ideal temperature and humidity.

It has a larger pressure range than a typical CPAP device, ranging from 3 to 25 cm H20. Those with central sleep apnea, who often require higher air pressure than patients with obstructive sleep apnea, are the target audience for the AirCurve 10 ST.

  1. Resmed AirCurve 10 VAuto

Resmed Aircurve VAuto is one of the best BiPAP machines that costs between 68,000 – 70,000 Rs. 

The AirCurve 10 is the best option for sleepers who want a device with various inhalation and exhalation pressure settings. Your breathing triggers an automated pressure adjustment that makes the experience more pleasant overall. Some BiPAP devices can make throats feel dry or scratchy. If you’re worried about this, you could benefit from using the built-in humidifier to make the compressed air you’re breathing more comfortable.

The device has an AutoSet algorithm that adjusts the pressure levels for inhalation and exhalation at various points over the course of the night, and Easy-Breathe technology enables the device to mimic natural breathing patterns to further increase comfort and effectiveness.

Your therapy data is tracked and stored by the device, which you may download onto an SD card and provide to your doctor. It should be noted that the AirCurve has the cellular capability to share data with ResMed’s app. Prior to the air supply, the water is heated by an integrated humidifier. This helps minimize unpleasant rainouts that may make you feel stuffy by reducing condensation inside the connecting tube.

ResMed’s AirCurve 10 Vauto BiPAP Machine Card-to-Cloud offers dependable performance along with cutting-edge features including data tracking, a heated humidifier, and various pressure settings. The automatic Climate Control system is what actually distinguishes the AirCurve 10 machines from comparable BiLevel machines with humidification.

 The AirCurve 10 will optimize humidification with the least amount of rainout condensation if you just choose “Auto” on the screen. This is done using measurements of the room air temperature. The machine will take care of adding or reducing humidity for you, so you won’t need to get up in the middle of the night to do it. The AirCurve 10 should be appealing to a wide spectrum of BiPAP users due to its user-friendly design.

  1. Resmed Floton BiPAP Machine

Resmed Floton is the option for those who have a low budget for the BiPAP Machine. It costs between 37000 – 40,000 Rs. The non-invasive ResMed Floton S25 ventilator is small, pleasant, and features continuous sync functionality. Flotation is made to automatically synchronize with a patient’s natural breathing and lessen their task of breathing thanks to its Adaptive Triggering Technology (ATT), which tracks each step of the respiratory cycle.

The best bilevel device is the Floton, which features five ventilation modes: S, T, ST, APCV, and CPAP, with inspiration pressure ranging from 4 cm H2O to 33 cm H2O.

With the aid of cutting-edge Adaptive Triggering Technology (ATT), it is made to effortlessly synchronize with the patient’s natural breathing.

Utilizing an Advanced Leak Calculation Algorithm, ATT (Adaptive Triggering Technology) records each breath and keeps track of the various phases of the respiratory cycle to ensure decreased Work of Breathing (WOB) while offering the patient a pleasant and successful course of therapy. The machine understands that every breath is unique, and is small, light, and quiet.