How do you keep diamonds from falling from diamond painting?

Diamond painting is an upgraded version of cross stitch. It does not require complicated craftsmanship, and it can still produce a good picture effect. The painting will drop the diamond. Although the Diamond Painting Kit has special glue for the diamond setting, the diamond will fall off after a long time. In order to help interested friends understand, then today I will show you how to prevent sticky diamond painting. Drill down.

How to Avoid Drill Falling

1. When creating, you can use several thick books to press, spread the wide book flat on the diamond painting, and leave it for about a few hours. The painting will be effectively fixed and will not run away. The painting can be fixed more tightly. It is actually a decorative painting made by yourself. It uses artificial crystal stones and some decorations to fix the picture. After mastering the basic skills, it is very easy to make.

2. If it is a plastic drill, the use of glue does not have a good fixation. At this time, you can use a lighter to bake the plastic drill. Then the plastic above softens and re-fixes. If it is a glass drill, you can put glue on the bottom, then iron it for a few seconds, and press it down slowly in the vertical direction, so that the drill will not fall off. At the same time, be careful not to fold the diamond painting, because not only will there be imprints, but some artificial crystal stones will also fall if they are not completely fixed.

3. Change some firmer glue, iron it across a towel, or frame the painting in time after setting it.

4. Lay it flat at the bottom of the cabinet, which can not only ensure a firmer dip but also prevent damage.

How to save diamond paintings

1. There will be a protective film outside the diamond painting. We do not need to tear it all at once during the production process. After pasting, we generally tear off the protective film and continue to paste it.

2. After the diamond is pasted, you can continue to cover it with film to avoid falling ash. If you have time, you can find a frame for the painting of the diamond. Before mounting, you can press the diamond with a flat object to make it stick better.

3. When we are mounting, we roll up the diamond painting from the reverse side and flatten it when mounting. If it is more wrinkled, you can iron it with an iron. You don’t need to iron it if it is a non-iron diamond painting.

4. If one or two drilling points are slightly incorrect and the position has slightly deviated, you do not need to cancel all the focus of the screen, as long as it does not affect the painting, you can continue to drill. If it is necessary to re-point the drill and re-point, you can slow down the rest of the work, carefully check the position of the drilled holes, and apply glue to these drilled holes one by one. Don’t let the glue overflow the drilled hole or you will lose all your efforts.

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