BiP seems a better alternative to WhatsApp!

Ever since WhatsApp introduced its new privacy policy, a large segment of WhatsApp users have been looking for a better alternative.

Telegram is already well known and used; and in many ways is better than WhatsApp, like the support for large groups supporting up to 200,000 members and channels with unlimited members support. Thus, many people offered telegrams as an alternative.

And in the last few days, the American app Signal has also become very popular, as many celebrities and experts around the world have called it the best alternative to the WhatsApp. Using Signal shows that it is really an app similar to WhatsApp, that can be indeed a great alternative to WhatsApp. Its founder Brain has also been a co-founder of the WhatsApp, so there are a lot of similarities between the two apps.

But a few days ago, a well-known official in Turkey mentioned “BiP” Messenger as an alternative to WhatsApp in a Facebook post, so we gathered information about this app and downloaded it from the Play Store. After using BiP, it turned out to be a better alternative to the WhatsApp, which should be preferred over the Signal as the app contains very strong and strong TLS encryption method to keep your conversations truly secure.

This app is owned by Lifecell, a subsidiary of Istanbul Turkey’s leading mobile operator “Turk Cell”. This app is encrypted in the same way, Infact end-to-end encrypted just like “WhatsApp” and “Signals”.


BiP contains all the features of WhatsApp and Signal. There are also some extra facilities: It can create groups like WhatsApp, and add up to 1000 people to a group. While only 257 people can be added to the WhatsApp group and only 150 in the Signal group.

Like WhatsApp, BiP also supports broadcasting. While Signal does not have this feature. The “BiP” broadcast list can be as many as 1,000 people.

Just as Telegram gives us channel support, so does BiP, while Signal and WhatsApp do not have channel support.

BiP also allows us to make audio and video calls to people like other apps, while the “group video call” feature distinguishes it from the WhatsApp. BiP allows us to add up to ten people at once to a video call. This can easily be a video meeting of up to ten people. Video call quality in “BiP” is better than WhatsApp. Using the app shows that its data processing is very fast. This allows data to be sent and received faster.

Like Telegram, this app also offers the option of “Secret Chat” while WhatsApp do not have this functionality.

Messages sent to an individual or group can also be auto-deleted, a feature called “Self destructive messages”. This means that if you set this option to 2 or 3 or 4 seconds, your message will be automatically deleted and completely removed from database after these seconds, which no one can see again. Not even you.

All incoming and outgoing messages in “BiP” can also be auto-translated into your preferred language as a built-in feature.

Developed by the Turks, this app has all the essentials for people who are familiar with the WhatsApp. There are many other things that make it a better alternative to WhatsApp, including it being a Muslim developed app.

In addition, it has some other features that can be better understood by using it. This app can be downloaded from the Play Store for Android Mobile.

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