Delivery Helper

Delivery Helper

Job Details

$20 – $23 Per hour

Job Type
Full time

Shift and Schedule
Over Time, Home daily, Home time

GMS is a top distributor in North America specialising in providing gypsum wallboard, acoustical ceiling products, and other specialty building materials. GMS was established in 1971 and has expanded to operate over 250 distribution centres throughout the country. To find out more about GMS, please visit their website at

What makes Tamarack Materials a great place to work?

  • Starting pay of $20-23/hour
  • Quarterly safety bonus of $250
  • Home every night
  • Overtime pay after 8 hours worked daily
  • Annual safety boot reimbursement allowance
  • Advancement opportunities at locations throughout the USA
  • Competitive benefits package, including medical, dental, vision, disability and life insurance,
  • 401k retirement plan, and Employee Stock Purchase Plan (ESPP)
  • Access to the discount marketplace


At Tamarack Materials, Inc., Delivery Helpers are responsible for transporting building materials to residential and commercial job sites. By working together as a team, they handle the carrying and loading/unloading heavy materials, all while ensuring a top-notch customer service experience.


The following are the essential duties and responsibilities of the Tamarack Materials, Inc. Delivery Helpers:

  • Ensure compliance with company, state, and federal guidelines, specifically with OSHA and DOT, to maintain the safety of all personnel
  • Adhere to company policy to maintain health and safety compliance
  • Verify the accuracy of the order on the truck before departing from the yard
  • Securely strap down all materials loaded on the truck
  • Assist the Driver in monitoring road conditions, traffic, and other factors during the ride to and from job sites
  • Set up the fall zone at job sites using cones and caution tape
  • Unstrap the materials on the truck upon arriving at the job site
  • Prepare the job site by placing drywall carts, basement slides, threshold ramps, etc., in the required locations
  • Prioritize personal safety and the safety of others while safely unloading the product and delivering it to the assigned area as directed by the Delivery Driver
  • Clean up debris and return equipment to the truck once the delivery is completed
  • Perform other duties as assigned


  • High School diploma Required

Other Competencies

As a Tamarack Materials, Inc. Delivery Helper, you will be expected to have the following abilities:

  • Showing initiative, being proactive, and self-managing your responsibilities.
  • Communicating professionally and effectively with both coworkers and customers.
  • Reading and accurately following instructions provided by customers.

Mental Demands

  • Capable of managing stress effectively, especially when dealing with tight delivery windows requested by customers.
  • Ability to multitask efficiently, handling multiple tasks at once while ensuring that the delivery is completed on time.
  • Aptitude for receiving and understanding information and directions provided by customers or colleagues.
  • Ability to communicate and provide solutions quickly in case of any problems that may arise during the delivery process.

Physical Demand

  • Stamina to continuously lift, carry, and move at least 100 lbs. of building materials to and from the job sites.
  • Ability to remain standing for at least 90% of the shift duration.
  • Constant movement and unloading of building materials from commercial vehicles onto job sites.
  • Frequent positioning of oneself to load and unload materials from flatbeds or booms.
  • Working outdoors in all weather conditions while making deliveries.



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Delivery Helper