8 Best Internet Speed Test Tools.

A speed test measures your internet connection speed. If you want to make sure that you’re receiving the best internet speed out there. One of the best ways to go about it is with an online speed test tool. However, there are a few things to consider when choosing which online speed test to use. And here we’ll explore some of the best available online today. 

Finding the best Internet speed test tools

Some ISPs claim fast internet speed, but once you start using their service, you realize that it’s not all that fast. In most cases, it is just fine for streaming video content. But surfing heavy web pages or doing activities requiring a lot of bandwidth may prove to be slow. A quick and easy way to check your Internet speed is by running an Internet speed test tool. These will give you an accurate reading of your current connection’s upload and download speeds. At any given time so you can make adjustments. Where necessary to avoid slowdowns in your day-to-day activities.

What are your options

If you’re looking for an accurate and reliable way to measure your internet speed, then you should know that there are a few options. On one end of the spectrum, you have professional services such as Ookla’s internet Speed test. But these tests can get expensive on a tight budget. Fortunately, other options provide comparable results for far less money. Here are some of our favorites: internet Speed test by Ookla is perhaps one of the most well-known testing services around.

TM Speed Test

This tool is one of the top internet speed checker tool available online. TM speed test is being used by thousands of internet users on daily basis. This tool is on number one because this tool is very easy to use and access. Just click start and you will get the results in next few seconds.

Speed test by Ookla

One of our favorite internet speed test apps is Speedtest by Ookla. It’s simple, straightforward, and accurate, essential for an excellent speed-testing tool. To use it, run a few tests in different locations of your home or office to determine your download and upload speeds. The app allows you to record individual tests and export them. Them as an Excel file so you can track your monthly rates over time. If you want a quick look at current network strength, click through from any page on internet Speed test. It’ll show your ping (the time it takes for information to travel between you and another server). As well as download and upload rates in real-time.

Google’s Fastest Connections tool

Google’s fast connection speed tool is a pretty simple way to get information on your current download speed. But it can be helpful in certain situations. The tool tells you what you are getting out of each provider, depending on where you are. It also gives you a list of other providers that provide similar services and might help with a problem with your service. This is great for people who are moving or changing locations. Because it allows them to see how their service will change. And how they measure up to others in their area.

VyprVPN’s Server Selection Tool

VyprVPN allows you to choose which server you want to connect to by creating a favorite list. Your connection will then be optimized for speed, reliability, and performance. This makes choosing a server easy, which is especially useful if you often find yourself using public Wi-Fi networks. Or making connections at different locations or times of the day. You can see an example of how it works in our VyprVPN review. All that’s left is to input your username, password, and protocol before you get started. Once your information has been entered, just hit save. And you’ll be all set to use VyprVPN on any Windows device that supports VPNs.

If Windows isn’t an option, don’t worry: The app also has mobile apps for Android devices (version 4+) and iOS devices (7+). So whether you’re trying to secure your phone while traveling or want a little privacy. When connecting from home, there’s an app out there that can help. Finally, if you’re worried about security issues but still plan on streaming in public places (we don’t blame you). There are even extension apps that allow Chrome users to create VPNs on computers without access.

Ookla’s OpenSignal Android App

For those who want to measure their download speeds while they’re out and about. Ookla’s OpenSignal Android app gives you a quick and easy way to do so. In addition, you can use it to track your speeds over time. And see if you have any issues with network congestion or coverage. It’s even got a speed-test feature that lets you check your mobile connection on other networks. (You can get an ad-free version for $2.)

Netalyzr by Mozilla

Mozilla’s Netalyzr is an open-source project that you can use to determine network performance. Use it for measuring download speeds, determining packet loss and latency, and more. We think it’s one of the best speed test tools out there. It has a graphical interface, so you don’t have to waste time with command lines. But it also comes with a command-line tool so advanced users can take advantage of that functionality if they need to. Even though it’s a Linux app that uses Chromium, users who don’t have Linux shouldn’t worry. The download page includes pre-compiled binaries for Windows and Mac OS X too.

UNIFI Speed Test

At second last we have Unifi speed test from Malaysia. This tool is launched recently and has managed to get attention of internet users in no time. This free Unifi speed test can be access any time from web or app from mobile/tablet or laptop anytime you need. Go to home page and click “START” and wait next few seconds for results. This site also has a blog which is updated on daily basis with new topics every day.

Net Speed Monitor by Paessler AG

Net Speed Monitor is a free, lightweight tool that will monitor your Internet speed and alert. You if it goes below or above certain thresholds. It’s portable, too, so you can take it with you anywhere! This speed test program allows you to measure your current download and upload speed. The number of bytes transferred (uploaded and downloaded). The volume of traffic for specified time intervals (last minute, current minute, last five minutes, etc.). As well as overall traffic usage in bytes. You also have an option to set up Net Speed Monitor to send reports directly to Paessler AG periodically.

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