LG GX 3.1 ch. HIGH-RES AUDIO SOUND BAR: Is it a Great Addition for Your Movie and Gaming Experience?

LG just released a very new addition to their speaker list, and it is getting more attention as months pass by. The GX 3.1 CH High-Res Audio Sound Bar hits the market last 2021 and still getting so much attention up until this 2022.

Comes with a wireless subwoofer, the GX soundbar will give you a great movie and gaming experience as it produces a very high-quality sound that the users can always enjoy. It is best to be accompanied by large TV sets and has a powerful and crisp surround sound that will give you an overall movie and gaming experience that you can never get with other soundbars in the market.

The size of the GX soundbar is quite huge but thin making it aesthetically pleasing if being wall mounted. With its sleek looking soundbar design the GX soundbar will be outstanding if being included on your multimedia set-up. The soundbar is made with plastic, hence, a much lighter feel. Unlike any soundbar in the market, the GX soundbar doesn’t have any satellites. This shows that the quality of the soundbar when it comes to sound is high quality. Though it produces low bass, the soundbar is still at the top of its game as the rest of its range is still on top of quality. This is suitable if you are watching action packed movies or listening to EDM music.

If you also wanted to listen to different genre of music besides EDM, the GX soundbar features 8 sound mood and has several EQ’s available. This feature will not limit the users experience all through out their usage. When it comes to stereo dynamics, the GX soundbar a very great quality that it can get really loud and much suited for crowded and large rooms. However, the small downside if being put into maximum volume, the users can hear some thumping and compression.

When it comes to its surround performance, the LG GX soundbar is a bit disappointing. Because of the soundbar’s 3.1 setup, the left and right speakers affect the delivery of the sound. This is because of the downmix surround content into the stereo, resulting into less accurate and clear representation of the surround objects. When it comes to latency, the soundbar has a very short latency making the experience while watching a movie or gaming still at the top of its game.

The GX soundbar is also equipped with DOLBY Atmos. And has a good and deep bass, a wide range of ports, and has a wireless subwoofer that van also be wall mounted depending on the user’s preference.

When it comes to connectivity, the GX soundbars supports HDMI ARC connection in any formats. It also supports eARC and will allow users to play object-bases surround signals. The soundbar is also equipped with full HDMI In port. This gives the users the freedom to connect any external device to the soundbar just like Blu-ray player and the TV. On the other half, the GX soundbar also supports wireless playback but this is only limited to Bluetooth.

What you need to know about LG GX soundbar’s offers to its users.


Just like other soundbar or audio equipment that gear supply store offers, the GX soundbar has its own user’s interface. This is located at the middle of the soundbar with a small text screen display. This shows you the current input that the users are using, the volume level, the other level changes, and the sub level adjustments that the users make.

Bar Controls.

The GX soundbar offers its users a minimal physical button that can be found on the right side of the bar. This button includes the power button, the volume adjustments, and the input switch.


GX soundbar has come with a remote. It can be considered as a basic remote as its main purpose is to give the users the comfort of easily changing the settings of the soundbar. However, when it comes to the display, there is an LG app that the users can download to enhance the dialogue feature. The remote can’t be considered to be a universal remote.


The app is called LG Sound Bar. This application is only supported by android devices. Though you can download it with your iOS devices, the application connection is still limited to Android. The application will act as a remote control to the soundbar where the users can control the soundbar settings and can cast device files. Although you have to make sure that the USB thumb drive is plugged into the soundbar. This will give the users the ability to see the list of songs on the app that is on the thumb drive.

Power Saving.

The GX soundbar has an autosaving mode that is on auto off. The soundbar goes into standby mode of leave idle for about 15 minutes if it is not connected to an external device.

In overall, the LG GX 3.1 ch High-Res Audio Sound Bar can be a great gear supply addition to your multimedia set up as this will not limit the users to only small features. This will also give the users the audio quality that most movie and gaming console fans wanted to experience.

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