How to Find Freelance Clients Directly? Best tips

Freelancing is on an all-time high. Many people want to start freelancing as a side hustle but dont know how to get orders from clients. Although most people search freelance marketplaces for finding clients, these marketplaces have become saturated. The competition is very high and you can’t easily land projects from clients. So the best way to do this is to find freelance clients directly in Pakistan without relying on freelance marketplaces. Let’s get started:

Find Freelance Clients Using Social Media

Social Media is a great medium for finding potential clients. Although not all social media platforms can be beneficial the most important ones are shared below to help you out:


Linkedin definitely is the top social media platform for business networking. You must register and create your profile on this platform if you are not using it. Make connections relevant to your skills and populate your feed with relevant articles to spread the word about your skills. It still is one of the best platforms for organic traffic, unlike Facebook and others. Once your profile is ready, join different freelance groups relevant to your skillset. You can also search for jobs in the job section. There are different job types available from remote, part-time to full time. For targeting internal clients, you can set the filters to the country of your choice and then begin searching.


Facebook is another great medium for finding freelance clients directly. There are a number of freelance groups that you can join and find work. You can join Pakistani and international groups. It is recommended to go for international groups for high ticketing clients.


Reddit is a great platform for finding freelance work. Register and join it. Look for freelance communities known as subreddits and start your search.


Instagram is a visual social media for networking. You can promote your Fiverr or Upwork profile through this platform.


Pinterest is also great for organic traffic and you can create pins to promote your Fiverr or Upwork profile.

Using Your Personal Website

You can also prompt your skills using a website. A website doesn’t cost much and you can even get it under Rs 5000/-  Buy a web hosting in Pakistan, get the domain registration done and select a WordPress theme for your website. Install a free WP theme and your website is ready.

Promote it using social media in relevant groups. You can also use paid ads from all the social profiles listed above and even Google. If you are an SEO Professional, you can optimize your website for your local surroundings and start getting the traffic you deserve.

Attend Local Events

You can also attend free local events related to technology in your city to grow your network. You may find many business owners looking for your services. You can check Facebook events to see the current events happening in your home city.


Freelancing is a great way to earn money online in Pakistan. There are plenty of freelance tutorials available on YouTube that can guide you further. Follow the tips shared above and be patient. You would eventually find success if you are patient and persistent. GoodLuck & Happy Freelancing

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