How do you update GB WhatsApp without losing chats?

This article is about updating GB WhatsApp without losing chats. In this tutorial, I will show you how to install GBWhatsApp on Android without losing your chats or media files. This tutorial will give you complete details on how to download and install the app GB WhatsApp without losing photos, audio, videos, and media files.

If you are still using old versions of GB WhatsApp, please update WhatsApp GB before facing any serious issues. We have provided a step-by-step tutorial on updating GB WhatsApp without losing chat backup on your Android device.

How do you update GB WhatsApp without losing chats on an Android device?

Despite all the risks, many people still use WhatsApp GB (GBWhatsApp APK) as an alternative to the popular messaging app WhatsApp. Although it is free, this official WhatsApp mod includes some interesting features such as hiding double ticks, changing the theme, setting online status, access to WhatsApp accounts, and many more.

Users need to download or update the older version of GB WhatsApp in time so that it does not expire and users can use all the available features. If you don’t update your WhatsApp GB, it will expire. You will get the latest version of WhatsApp mods, such as Blue WhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus, from here.

Since the app is an unofficial version of WhatsApp, you can’t find it in the Google Play Store, so how can you update the app when a critical update is about to happen without losing all your chats?

What is GB WhatsApp?

GB WhatsApp is a forked version of WhatsApp that you can download to your smartphone. WhatsApp is the first name that comes to mind when discussing the popular instant messaging app.

Many useful features, such as voice/video calls and sharing photos and documents to communicate with comprehensive messaging services, make this app popular among the masses. Although the app is packed with easy-to-use features and tools, one of its drawbacks is the limited themes.

This allowed third-party developers to create custom clone apps for WhatsApp, which allowed users to enjoy the original app as well as additional features.

Why Updating GB WhatsApp is Necessary?

Why is this update so important? In the new policy, WhatsApp asks your permission to combine data with Facebook and Instagram. When you accept the policy, Facebook users will have more data than ever.

After a few weeks of limited functionality, you will no longer be able to receive incoming calls or notifications, and WhatsApp will stop sending messages and calls to your phone.

If you get the message that your GB WhatsApp version is not supported, you need to update the app. We encourage you to always use the latest version of GB WhatsApp, which includes the latest features and bug fixes.

Make a Backup of Your Chats

GB WhatsApp is the most popular app among them. But most people don’t know how to run GB WhatsApp. Most people are switching to GB WhatsApp, but they are not getting the old data, which makes them feel bad. So, if you install GB WhatsApp, you must know how to update it without losing chats and media.

Before updating, you should back up your messages. For this purpose, tap on the icon with 3 horizontal lines visible in the upper right corner of the Chats tab, select Settings, and then access Chats. There, you will find the option to backup chats. Tap on it to back up your conversations so you don’t lose them in case of problems in the future.

How do you update GB WhatsApp without losing chats?

If you are here and are already using GBWhatsApp on your Android phone, then this tutorial is for you. For example, you have a lot of chats on GBWhatsApp, and you want to update your GBWhatsApp, but you don’t want to lose your chats either. So, you can refer to the tutorial below on this topic.

Regarding GBWhatsApp, we cannot update the application through Google Play Services or other applications downloaded from the official store. So, the only way to update the app is to download and install the latest version of the APK file manually.

This tutorial is fully working and personally tested by me, so don’t worry about anything. Just follow the below steps one by one.

(Method 1)

1.     First, download the latest version of GBWhatsApp on your phone.

2.     After downloading and installing GBWhatsApp on your phone, do not open it.

3.     Open WhatsApp on your phone, which you are already using to chat with your friends.

4.     Press the Menu button and click Settings.

5.     From the chats, click on the chat backup option individually.

6.     Then click on the backup button from there. This will start the backup chat.

7.     After the process is completed, open GBWhatsApp from your phone.

On the first screen, click the Agree and Continue buttons. Then click on the Copy WhatsApp data button.

8.     Now, enter and verify your phone number like you do on WhatsApp.

Once your number is verified, it will show you an option to restore; tap on it.

9.     This will start the restore process, if you have a large number of chats it may take longer, so stay tuned.

10.    Now your chats will be restored, and you can use your old chats again.

(Method 2)

Another option is to update GBWhatsApp from the app itself. However, this doesn’t always work correctly, and you may have the latest version without any improvements, so we recommend using the previous method. To try this second option, open GBWhatsApp, click on the icon with three horizontal lines in the top right corner, and select GB Settings.

Access Updates and click Check for Updates. If there is a new version of the app, you will be shown a notification, and you will be able to download it immediately. If you already have the latest version, you’ll see a message that says Great. You have the latest update! And you don’t need to do anything else.


This was the easiest way ever to update GB WhatsApp without losing chats or media files on any Android device. If you are trying to update GBWhatsApp on your phone, this guide will be perfect for you. Enjoy GBWhatsApp on your phone with the help of the above tutorial.