How much does animating a logo cost?

Now more than ever, consumers are interacting with brands digitally. Brands can take advantage of this by standing out and leaving a lasting impression. This article will discuss the logo animation role and their cost.

Animating your logo can help tell your audiences more about your brand. They can get to know the story behind your brand and explain the nature of your business more than a static logo. It helps legitimize your brand by showing customers that you care about how you present yourself. Adding an animated logo to your brand is an investment into creating a connection and demonstrating a new level of professionalism.

What is a Logo Animation?

A logo is the visual identification of your brand. It represents the personality of your company/product and plays a significant part in your overall brand recognition. A great logo can help your audience make a connection to your brand.

An animated logo is all about adding effects and motion to a logo. It ranges from simple patterns to a full-fledged video representation. In short, it is an upgrade of a static or image-only logo with no effects.

Why do you need an Animation logo?

Animations take your visual identity to another level. It simplifies, covers, and portrays huge chunks of information quickly. An animated logo is a modern and dynamic way to present a brand. It can show a company’s character and convey a message to attract clients. Moreover, it is a good way to stand out from competitors since an animated logo guarantees originality. Let’s see the list of benefits that an animated logo brings to a brand.

Here are some benefits of having an Animated logo:

Company professionalism

Customers may not be experts in the marketing field still understand what is trending. 

An original image

It’s not a secret that some brands have similar logos; even more, they can sometimes be competitors. To bring uniqueness to a logo, designers can add some motion. An animated logo allows the imagination to go out of control. Original graphics combined with different visual effects create a unique way to perceive the logo.

Brand awareness effect

Many experts say that dynamic images and video content are comprehended better than static, which means they are easy to remember. A powerful animated logo connects with potential clients and draws their attention effectively. Some animations can last up to 10 seconds, increasing the chances of memorizing compared to a short glance at a static image.

Elicit the viewer’s emotions

Videos and Animation are excellent tools for evoking emotions in your viewers. Although text can be compelling, visual images and graphic design are usually more so. You can tell a story using Animation and have the ability to evoke precise reactions.

Better storytelling

An animated logo can become a working part of a storytelling process. An animation can give a more detailed explanation of the nature of a business than a static logo does. 

Pleasant first impression

The first impression has a great impact on how people see a product. An original animated logo is a good way to surprise people and increase their chances of remembering your brand. A positive first impression helps to attract users’ interest.

Where can you use an animated logo?

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Video content targets all the digital space and can be applied in different cases with different purposes. Let’s see what they are.

Promo Videos

Company website

Social networks

How much does animating a logo cost?

first need to choose which type of animated logo you want:

  • A bespoke animated logo – something that’s unique for your logo design.
  • Or a more simple animated logo that uses a template to apply pre-designed Animation to your logo.

Your cost can be determined depending on which one of them you choose.

Bespoke logo animation costs

Bespoke logo animation projects start at £750. This covers the process mentioned below, and the time it takes to iterate through design ideas. It’s also enough to cover a logo animation around 5 seconds or so in length, with a video file provided as the final deliverable. Costs can increase depending on various factors, such as: longer animation time and additional deliverables. The top range for logo animation projects is usually around the £2000 mark.

Animated logo template 

If you don’t have enough budget, you can always opt to use a template instead. The Animation won’t be unique to your logo, and it is often much simpler in style than a bespoke logo animation, but it’s quick and cheap.

How much a templated logo animation Services costs depends on what you need a motion designer to put your logo into the template and render it for you. The standard price for this type of project is usually £175 plus the cost of the template.

Note: If you don’t want to pay any cost, you could try using the template yourself. You would need a copy of Adobe After Effects and an animated template for this process. 

How much does a 2D animation cost per minute? 

If you google and search around, you will find different options for a 2D animation project cost, ranging from $100 to $800,000! This article will discuss what you receive with different price ranges and point out your best investment.

What factors change the price of Animation? 

The cost of hiring an animator will depend on several different factors, including:

  • Complexity
  • Style
  • Running time