The Best Places to Live In South Carolina

South Carolina is one of the top-rated tourist destinations in the US which offers breathtaking beaches, historical landmarks, and overall lush green landscapes. Those who have visited the city must have thought to Live in Carolina. So, if you have decided to move to the city and are wondering about the neighborhoods that have a good reputation, this guide is for you. Let’s get right to it.

#1: Camden

Camden is the oldest inland city in South Carolina which was founded back in 1732. The town is also home to the Carolina Cup which is the oldest surviving race tournament in the United States had has a large number of faithful fans. Furthermore, the town is just a 20-minute drive from the Capital of Columbia and downtown is not too far either. 

The town is ranked among top best places to live in South Carolina by several magazines which speak for its reputation. The environment of the town is family-friendly and has a tight-knitted community that is welcoming to the new residents. 

#2: Sullivan’s Island

Residents that are looking for a peaceful and relaxing environment should look no further than Sullivan’s Island. The town is located in the suburbs of Charleston and offers homes with beachfront. Several magazines have ranked it among the best places to raise a family. The crime rate is very low and the town has one of the best educational systems in the State. 

Furthermore, the Sullivans also have a unique history and landmarks like Charleston Light and Fort Moultrie which add more charm to the life of residents. The town has three miles of shoreline where residents can enjoy all sorts of water activities.  

#3: Lexington

Lexington has a unique standing when it comes to towns in South Carolina. The place has a rich history with a modern twist. It was established in 1735 to pay tribute to veterans of the first battles in the Revolutionary War. Now, the town is one of the go-to places for professionals and couples to raise their kids. 

What makes it even better to live is the affordable cost of living. The town has a population of just 20,000 and provides a suburban feel. Furthermore, the metropolitan downtown is a few- minute drive from the town which makes it an attractive option for people who want to live in a small town without compromising on access to urban facilities.

#4: Clemson

For parents that are into sports and want to raise their kids in a place that has a sporting culture, Clemson is the best option. In addition to a rich culture, the town also has historical sites and museums. It also houses venues for performing arts and botanical gardens. Point is, you will never get bored of living in the town. That said, the cost of living is near to the national average but thanks to low-income tax, it does not feel expensive to raise a family in Clemson.