How to Spy On iPhone for Free

iPhone devices are considered an important advancement in the field of technology. If you want to keep working in this world it is encouraged for you to continuously keep updated about the upgrading tools. 

It is always encouraging that we must know the positive as well as the negative aspects of a tool. After knowing the features of the iPhone we need to know how to spy on an iPhone so that we keep on working in the hour of need. 

Due to the complex privacy policies of the iPhone, there are very few tools that provide spying features on an iPhone. If you want to keep yourself on budget and also want to spy on your iPhone then we have listed some options for you. The options also include their features as well as restrictions. 

Spylix is undoubtedly an amazing tool in providing the best spying features on an iPhone. Let’s have a look at the amazing functionalities of Spylix along with its competitors. The description is explained below:

What is an iPhone Spy?

The iPhone is considered an amazing development in the field of science and technology. It is considered an advanced tool as compared to Android devices. The advancement of iPhones is not managed by the many tools hence separate tools are available for the iPhone devices. 

iPhone Spy is a tool that provides you access to all the data present in the iPhone. An iPhone spy must provide information about the confidential parts of the device. You can easily monitor minor as well as major details of the target device and can share the specific data without restriction. 

Let’s have a look at the important details provided by the iPhone Spy:

  • An iPhone spy must be capable of providing all the conversational details.
  • iPhone spy provides information related to calls along with the details of duration and timing.
  • The spy must cover the GPS location of the target device on a real-time basis.
  • Social media working should be provided on an iPhone spy.
  • There are some extra features including a keylogger, geofencing, and stealth mode that make an iPhone spy more worthwhile.

How to Spy On iPhone for Free?

After learning the amazing iPhone spying methods and their restrictions we came to know that Spylix is the most amazing one. It has the compatibility to work for iPhone as well as iOS devices by providing them maximum features. 

Spylix provides the most budget-friendly interface to the users. You don’t need to be professional if you want to use Spylix as the entire work is remote with minimum subscription rates. The officials of Spylix are working vigilantly in their work hence all the errors are removed within seconds.

Spy On iPhone

Complete Guideline  to Spy On iPhone for Free

Spylix has an easy interface and only three simple steps are enough to hack the strong security of an iPhone. You need to follow the given procedure and the rest of the work would be done by the tool itself.

The steps are explained here:

Step 1: Registration of Your Account

Go to the official website of Spylix and register for a free account.

Step 2: Enter iCloud Credentials

Enter the iCloud credentials and set up the Spylix account.

Step 3: Start Tracking

Login to the Spylix dashboard and start tracking the phone of the target person.

Spy On iPhone

Top 3 Ways To Spy On iPhone for Free

There are only a few tools that support the iPhone spying feature. We have listed the top three methods through which you can easily spy on an iPhone:

Spy With Spyware

Spyware is considered an important development to easily spy on an iPhone without any hindrance. There are only a few spywares that have the capability to spy on an iPhone. Spylix is amazingly a marvelous tool that provides every spying feature at only one interface. 

Spylix has the ability to work with secrecy hence the target device would not provide any notification. Spylix allows you free work as you don’t need to indulge in any restriction of distance internet or connectivity. You can work remotely to monitor the details of your corresponding person without any physical access. 

Spy On iPhone

Spylix provides an amazing ability to restrict specific things for the target person. You are allowed to restrict the Wi-Fi of the iPhone user along with geofencing and web restrictions. This tool is the fulfillment of the dreams of parents related to the concerns of their children.

It has a bug-free interface with straightforward steps to facilitate the users with a good user experience. Let’s just look at the important features provided by the Spylix to the users:

  • Call Tracking: You are allowed to track the calling details of the target person.
  • GPS Location: You can know the GPS location of your corresponding person and can restrict specific areas for them.
  • Social Media Monitoring: You are allowed to look at the social media working of the target person. You can monitor chats, status, comments, and posts.
  • Browser History: Parents can easily monitor the browser history of their children including the exposed media in the browser list.

Spy With Apple ID

If you want to spy on an iOS device then the most recommended method is by using the Apple ID of the target person. You would be amazed to know that a person can easily backup the entire data present in an iOS device just by using a single Apple ID. You are allowed to access GPS, browser history, photos, conversation, email, and calling details. 

It is the best way through which we can learn whether our loved ones are doing great or not. The only thing you need to focus on is to get the Apple ID of the corresponding person and by entering this ID into the iCloud you can log in to that account. 

There are some devices that have an additional option that says the merging of the entire data. You can accept the option and after that, you can view your desired information from the merged data. 

It works simply if you want to spy messages you can directly go to the settings and select the iMessages option. 


There is a condition that if the target person has not activated the iCloud backup option then you cannot use this method. You need to access the target device and activate iCloud backup. 

In this way whenever the target device is connected to the internet it automatically backs up the entire data. The restriction is that the target person may get aware of the third-party interference in the tool.

Spy With Apple Recovery Stick

Apple is working at an exponential speed to provide new gadgets to its users which are capable of blowing up their minds. The discovery which is named an Apple recovery stick works like a pen drive quite similar to the Amazon products. 

It is specially designed to recover the deleted information including contacts, browser history, messages, and social media working from a device. Now parents can easily recover the deleted data from the device of their children to keep them safe from danger. 

You need to insert the target device into the USB port of a computer and then the recovery stick is needed to attach to the same computer. Within a few minutes, the entire recovery would be available on the computer and you can look at it. 

You can search any data even with some small keywords like wife, husband, meet, drugs, or any other word. 


The recovery stick has quite a number of restrictions as it only works on the deleted files recovery. It is also required that the computer we are using must be capable of running all the versions so that any error would not be possible. 

You need to access the target device for approximately 10 to 15 minutes. Sometimes the recovery process may take a longer time as there is a lot of data present in the device which needs time to recover.

Sum Up

The internet is full of options to spy on an iPhone without any distinguishing discrimination between authentic and unauthentic tools. It becomes very difficult for us to select the most authentic tool from the internet and then work according to it. 

We have made the selection quite easy for you as three amazing methods are explained along with their restrictions. Spylix is doubtlessly amazing and it’s working and has no restrictions with it. Now you need to select the desired method of your own choice.