Weekend in Switzerland

Switzerland is home to Alpine meadows, cuckoo clocks and melt-in-your-mouth chocolate. This incredibly beautiful country in central Europe attracts tens of thousands of tourists every year. Here, you meet a variety of cultures and languages – because not for nothing this country is called “Europe in miniature”. After all, there are four official languages in Switzerland: German, French, Italian and Romansh. This all creates a unique atmosphere. 

The great thing about this country is that you can go and enjoy tourism at any time of year. Because Switzerland has a very Alpine and temperate climate at the same time. Wherever you go, to a resort on the plains or straight into the mountains, the weather will be just right. In the first case, it is a moderately warm climate, and in the second a cold one.

Speaking of travelling, an essential point is how to get from, for instance, Zurich Airport (one of the most famous airports in Europe) to where you want to go. More often than not, it is from there that your journey through beautiful Switzerland begins. It is best to think about the type of airport transfer in advance and book AtoB airport taxi Zurich so that the issue of logistics does not interfere with your holiday. After you’ve decided on transport and booked everything you need including an airport taxi, we’ll proceed with a list of 5 places to visit if you’re coming to Switzerland for the weekend. 

Weekend in Switzerland 1

House of Lindt chocolates

At the very beginning of this article, we mentioned chocolate and the beautiful city of Zurich, where the Zurich airport you are likely to fly into is located. It is therefore highly symbolic that you should visit the magical Lindt chocolate house in Zurich, which is easily accessible by your airport transfer. Zurich is home to the world’s largest chocolate factory, Lindt & Sprüngli, and you will have the unique opportunity to see the results of their work. An audio tour and unlimited tasting of the delicious chocolate await you. At the end of the day, you will be left with a 100% pleasant impression. 

Weekend in Switzerland 2

Lake Vierwaldstätt (Lake Lucerne)

Lake Vierwaldstätten is an incredibly scenic place to visit for holidaymakers in Switzerland. The lake gets its name from the fact that its waters are lined by four canton shores at once. Whether you come here by airport taxi or any other way you won’t regret choosing this place. The lake itself is surrounded by a ring of majestic mountains with green lawns and wooded slopes. What is this view alone worth? Apart from the beautiful view, you also get health benefits because there are medicinal springs in Kaltbad. Which will improve your skin and make the prevention for traumatic injuries.

Geneva Old Town

This subject is very suitable for true lovers of architecture and history. As well as being the centre of modern diplomacy, Geneva has a unique mediaeval atmosphere. Which it will be happy to pass on to you in the 21st century. It’s a city that will take you away for a whole day. If you come here by taxi, you’ll walk through the incredibly narrow and aesthetically pleasing streets, taste the local cuisine, sit on the longest bench in the world (126 metres), admire the works of famous artists – and just mentally relax.

Weekend in Switzerland 3

Sardon’s tectonic arena

This place is special in our top for one reason – UNESCO protects it. You ask why? The reason is that this large area (measuring 300 square kilometres) is geologically unique. Because older, deeper-lying rocks have been uplifted above the newer layers. All of these tectonic mechanisms have had a huge impact on science today. It is also thanks to these rock formations that a picture of the geological world of the present day has emerged. The place itself looks very spectacular and unusual, you will be very surprised and happy with the beautiful photos.

Via Mala Gorge

Rounding out our top is a place that was legendary in ancient times. Looking at it will make you think not only about beauty but also about mysticism. It is also important to think about how you will get there. You can choose AtoB airport taxi or hire a car to the town of Tuzis and then you will find the Via Mala Gorge a short drive away. Once there, you’ll find a six-kilometre-deep gorge 500 metres deep between absolutely vertical cliffs overlooking the Hinterrain River.

Weekend in Switzerland 4

The beauty of the gorge is that it widens and narrows constantly, in some parts up to 1 metre wide, creating a truly stunning effect. You can also descend to the bottom of the gorge (321 steps) and walk over the old bridge (which dates back to 1739) to admire a fantastic view. You will long remember this interesting place after visiting it. By the way, there’s a reason we mentioned mysticism and ancient legends at the beginning because the phrase ‘Via Mala’ translates as ‘The Devil’s Road.

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