Get the Best Deals on Car Rentals at Denver Airport for Drivers Under 25

The cost of car rentals at Denver International Airport can vary greatly depending on where you book your rental car. If you don’t take the time to shop around, you could end up paying hundreds of dollars more than necessary on your next trip to the Mile High City.

Thankfully, there are several ways to save money renting a car at Denver International Airport. Here are tips on how to get the best deals possible on car rentals in Denver, especially if you’re under 25 years old.

Where to pick up the car from at Denver airport

Many people rent a car when they travel and there are many services at the airport to help with this. This includes:

  • A rental car desk from a rental company located at the airport, such as Alamo or Hertz;
  • A rental car pick-up area, also known as Terminal Baggage Claim or Arrivals Hall;
  • A shuttle service that can bring you to your departing flight (a porter will usually carry your luggage)
  • Authorized Ground Transportation providers.

It is important to note that it can take up to an hour to find parking so plan accordingly if you want to pick up a vehicle. Most airports do not offer long-term parking unless you contact them directly. If you are planning on renting a car in Denver, you might wonder if your age will affect the price of your rental car.

How to save money on additional services like insurance, upgrades etc.

Planning ahead and being an informed customer can save you money and hassle. That way, you won’t have to take a chance when booking your Denver car rental under 25 because you want to get your lowest rate possible.

Here are some things that can help you out:

  1. Make sure you purchase the insurance that is offered by the company offering their car rentals, especially if it offers a better rate. If not, look into getting additional coverage from your personal auto policy.
  2. Haggle for upgrades such as GPS systems or a longer-term contract for the best deal possible on their Denver car rental under 25 offer.
  3. Book early! Some companies will give up to 15% off just for reserving in advance of your time with them.


Renting a car can be tricky if you’re under 25 and unsure what to do. There are three things you can do to make sure that your experience is a good one. First, ensure that you have an international driver’s license or international driving permit when you arrive at the rental car agency. Second, give yourself some time to look around for different rates and services- there are many companies and deals out there!

Third, before making any decisions, call customer service to verify prices. It’s essential to know all the costs upfront before signing anything because you may need to take care of other additional charges like insurance and fuel (or just as importantly- finding out how much you’ll save). If you follow these steps, it will be easier to find a Denver car rental under 25!