Virtual Cocktail classes – the new kind of team building?

Since the pandemic started, there has been a big shift to remote work. For some people this has been a great experience – more flexible hours, no commute, being able to work in your pajamas. But for others, it’s been tough – feeling isolated and lonely, struggling to stay motivated without the support of colleagues. In spite of the remote work, the team building sector has been facing a big shift as well. With most people now working remotely, how can you still build team morale and cohesion?

One solution that has been gaining popularity is the virtual cocktail class. This is where a group of people get together online to make cocktails – with each person making their own drinks at home. It’s a great way to socialize and bond with colleagues.

How a virtual cocktail class works

It is easy to book a virtual cocktail class on the web. There are some really great vendors who are specialized in virtual team events. Simply search for “virtual cocktail class” online and you will find some great options.

You will need to provide the list of attendees, their contact information, and also select a date and time that works for everyone. The virtual cocktail class will be led by a professional bartender who will guide you through making the cocktails step-by-step. Some suppliers will allow you to choose some cocktails before the event, while others will surprise you with a selection of their most popular cocktails.

You will also need to provide a shipping address so that the company can send you a cocktail kit with all the ingredients and supplies you need for the class.

Get your own cocktail kit

You will be able to find all the ingredients in your local grocery store, but if you want to make things easier for yourself, you can also order a cocktail kit online. A virtual cocktail class wouldn’t be that great if you had nothing to mix along with the event. A cocktail kit usually consists of several items, such as a stirrer, a shaker, bar spoon, various ingredients and more, to mix your very own cocktails.

Choose your virtual cocktail class

Now that you know what you need for a virtual cocktail class, it’s time to choose the right event for you and your team. You can choose between virgin classes, such as mocktail courses or you take the cocktail option with alcohol. Usually for events that take place in the U.S., the alcoholic ingredients have to be purchased on your own due to the different state laws concerning shipping of alcohol. Som virtual cocktail class vendors offer a coupon that is packed in all boxes.

Enjoy some great moments online

With a virtual cocktail class you can take a break from the daily work routine and enjoy some great moments online with your colleagues. It doesn’t matter if you are in the same city or state, with a virtual event you can connect with everyone from any location around the world. Let’s have some fun and learn how to make delicious cocktails together!