Top 10 e-commerce companies in Bangladesh 2022

Nowadays, the e-commence sector of Bangladesh is growing very rapidly. Since internet access has become so easier and widespread among people, they are also more likely to shop online rather than offline. In recent years, hundreds of e-commerce companieshave been providing their service in Bangladesh.

Among them, one of the best e-commerce companies in Bangladesh is Let us know more about the top 10 e-commerce companies in Bangladesh in 2022, including

Top 10 e-commerce companies in Bangladesh:

There are different types of e-commerce sectors in Bangladesh. But some of them are very popular and widely spread. Among them, some of mentioned—worthy e-commerce is:

  • Business to Business (B2B)
  • Business to Consumer (B2C)
  • Consumer-to-Consumer (C2C)
  • Business-to-Employees (B2E)

Some very common and popular e-commerce companies are doing their business in Bangladesh.

A list of the top 10 e-commerce companies in Bangladesh is given in the following:

  2. Myorganic BD
  4. Buy here now
  6. Bikroy
  7. Rokomari
  8. Bagdoom
  9. Shohoz

A brief description of those e-commerce companies is given below:

1. is a comparatively new and enhanced e-commerce website. The best part of is, it provides the fastest delivery and quality products. People who have global product tastes would definitely like Because never compromises with the product quality.

Besides, they focus on the customer’s relationship. The delivery process and return policies are also very customer-friendly. For people looking for a convenient e-commerce shopping experience, can be an amazing choice.

2. MyOrganic BD

This e-commerce specially serves beauty and cosmetic products. You will get authentic and organic products from this e-commerce.

Notably, they have been doing their business in Bangladesh for quite a long time. Some of their products include Beauty products, organic foods, fruits, and so on.


Daraz is one of the most famous and popular e-commerce in Bangladesh. More precisely, it is one of the biggest e-commerce right now.

Hence, you will find almost every kind of product on this e-commerce. Darazalso serves their business overseas like Pakistan, Nepal Srilanka Myanmar.

4. Buy here now (BHN)

BHN is also very well-known e-commerce in Bangladesh. They became so popular for their unique market and business policies. With greater quality products with promising customer support, BHNhas become so popular in a short time.


This e-commerce mainly serves the grocery items essential to our daily lives. Originating in Dhaka, Bangladesh, and providing service from door to door, they are recently expanding their areas in different districts too.

They are very well known for their fast delivery. Some of their products include regular grocery items, fish, fruits, beauty products, and many more.

6. is also known as one of Bangladesh’s biggest and largest marketplaces. They were founded in 2012 and providing their service till today.

Now, they have more than 200 employees and 6 offices all over the country. The primary business motive of Bikroy is to focus on trading, innovation, and entrepreneurship.

7. Rokomari is very well-known as books retailers. You will find different types of books on this website. Also, it is basically an e-commerce website from the Onnorokom group. You will also find a science box, watch, calculator, and daily necessary study items.

8. Bagdoom

Back in 2010, was the pioneer of the e-commerce company of Bangladesh. It gave people the experience of e-commerce for the first time.

Bagdoom promises to provide its service all over the country. Also, the shopping experience and purchasing are more fun and convenient in this e-commerce.

9. Shohoz is organized by the company Shohoj limited. This e-commerce makes people’s lives easier, smarter, and more convenient. That is why it is also considered one of Bangladesh’s top e-commerce.


This e-commerce is a service-oriented e-commerce company that mainly focuses on world-class customer service, quality products, and customer support. provides a hassle-free and flexible shopping experience to their people. This also allows people to shop for their daily necessities with one click.

Why should you go for e-commerce?

There are plenty of e-commerce companies out there in Bangladesh. But all of them are not equally trustworthy and customer-friendly. There are also some frauds and scams in e-commerce out there. So, you need to know before shopping from any e-commerce. is undeniably one of the most reliable and trustworthy e-commerce out there. They have some uniqueness from other e-commerce companies.

With the widest variety of products, best deals with best prices, fast delivery, fast customer service, ensures a unique online shopping experience. Thus,it is assumed that is going to be one of the top e-commerce brands in Bangladesh.

Bottom line

As long as the world is advancing, people also would like to take advantage of the technology. And all those advancements make our life easier, smarter, and more convenient. In older days, people tend to go to various marketplaces to buy things.

But time has changed, now people can buy anything from anywhere in a second. Thus, the e-commerce industries and companies like are also booming day by day. So which ecommerce platform will you choose next time?